Wednesday, August 5, 2009

aNnUaL LunCHeOn

lol..i m late few days blogging this post..was suppose to be few days back but was tired and busy sorry!!!..from the previous blog you know its a surprise on my plan for next day.. ok.. here i m gonna tell u whats the surprise.. me,sasa,ting,cer and ching went to annual luncheon!! hahaha.. yeah kinder silly and so hai.. i know.. but still its a big surprise for my juniors.. i m gonna tell u why i decided to go annual luncheon this year.. few days back Rong Mei send me a msg and invited me for their annual luncheon but i ignore them cos i need to spend RM35 and skip my work.. i dint even bother to answer her back.. yeah i know its rude..haha..

hmm..last 2 days as u know from my previous blog i went to sasa house at night with cer.. sasa played slide show(video) on the tv bout guides and my birthday.. yeah i felt touched and was crying..haha so that night i suggested them to go annual luncheon since all f3 did not went this year.. kinder pissed of and angry over f3 over their attitude!!!! so, we the ex-hamid khan 41st unit ranger committee decided to go and support the f4 eventhou we dont really like them much compare to f5..haha.. i called up my teacher advisor and book 5tickets.. me and my friends all cancel all plans jus to go annual luncheon.. f4 shud feel happy!! LOL!**

we only inform our teacher advisor and may phing.. then let them arrange things la.. i need to work up early to go for work and wait my collegeus to replace me.. then i went off to fetch sasa and ching to Royal Hotel.. hmm.. eventhou we know they did not do the best but they have tried their best.. i m kinder dissapointed at f4 cos they dont have performance!! bahh... forget it.. only 2 performance..=.="

overall the event was a very successful one..LOL* was not that nice cos all of the committee dont know what to do at certain times.. they will gather and look at each other.. DAMN** but still everything ok la.. the noisiet group is my table..haha..AGAIN! if we r not there i dont know what is going to happen then... i mean the cheer the noise the fun the joke.. seriously f4 need to do something.. their year is like so much more people than my year.. when we look back those days my year, our committee so little people.. one person hold few jobs..i really hope to see u all do better than us!! i always believe in them eventhou sometimes we dislike them..haha

its very eventful la.. but i didnt win any prize..LOL! after annual luncheon, then i send ting and ching home.. straight to dance class.. my gosh!!! 3hours of dance class.. seriously i m going to be crazy.. me and yin yee was like damn damn sleepy and tired over there.. after a while we feel more awake..haha.. after dance, went home and bath.. wanna go for movie in gurney but was force to go dinner with parents.. end up dint go..sob sob T.T check out the pictures.. i only have pictures that i took.. need to get more pictures from my teacher sooner or later..

the booklet..hmmm no badge..

rong mei and me..aww.. my UL..

the bising one!!! may phing n me..haha

ching and me

sasa and me..same clothes with ching right??

ting ting and me!!!

my sweetheart and mee...lov ya

shallen(senior) n me

yin yee and me.. the big n the old one..LOL! she gonna screw me..

vivian n me

sasa,rong mei,me and ching.. sweet..

2007 committee member 41st unit ranger.. miss out yung yung T.T sasa,me,ching,ting and cer

group pic..rong mei and may phing join us..LOL!

yeah..i think thats all for now..any way talking bout my work i will be stop working..tomorrow is my last day of work and yeah!! you can visit me for the last time.. recently not much plan.. just very tired and stress.. o yeah i wont be continue studying this year.. i m very depress and stress over it!! seriously i m having a very hard time.. DONT EVER LECTURE ME D!! i had enough.. i know whats going and stuff but seriously this is something i will do in future so jus giv me more time.. i know i could not made up my mind and stuff.. ahh!!!! proberly u would be thinking that i m wasting my time and not doing something or whatever la.. but somehow i believe God has plan for me! i always believe that.. yeah! i may not accept the fact i go in college late 1 year cos i need to join someone younger than me and graduate with them.. LOL* but i think i will get over it.. as long i got plans for future.. not gonna further my personal problems.. friday going out with my darling,anne stephanie peterson! hahaha.. our little date..aww.. going to blog.. o yeah! i saw mike today!! haha.. a guy that i know through net for few years..he is a very nice guy and i like his smile..LOL** the interesting part is whenever i saw surely will be at escalator.. dont ask me why!! we knew each other cos we saw each other picture before and i regonize him very well so do him.. whenever we met, is either i m going up n he going down the escalator or i m going down and he is going up... interesting right?? lol.. dont know we got the chance to sit down and talk anot..haha.. thats all la..tata^^

stay tune

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