Sunday, August 23, 2009

THe FeELinG oF bEiNg SiCk iS sO SufFerIn3

If you see my msn or facebook then you probably know I m sick for the pass 2 days. Friday I already feel dizzy and sick and yet i still go for work and yeah was able to work. Since morning, i been coughing non stop and my colleague been staring at me all day. I wanted to buy hot milo but told my friend i need coffee cos shop dont have milo.. They made me cafe latte. I KNEW THAT WHENEVER I SICK, i kenot take coffee or nescafe at all if not it will be worst and yet again the person make me 2 cups cos the 1st cup i drink half way then i place it on top of the table then someone spill it.. thanks to samuel for accompany me makan..hehe.. at night went for movie with crystal and yeah was coughing badly in the cinema.. can ask crystal how suffering m i..after movie, i m so sure i totally sick d..

got back home, totally high fever.. felt dizzy, walk like a drunk person, see things yellowish, felt like vomiting, big affect on my taste bud.. straight go to bed.. sms my supervisor for not going to work.. then sleep again.. i slept almost 24hours.. i cant get up and whenever i walk i m going to faint.. o yeah, i slept without air-cond for 2 days.. was sweating whole night..

morning went to church but came out before anyone sit down.. cant stand any longer if not i m going to faint...went home then mom bring me to see doctor.. doctor say no more fever... right after came back from clinic,i got flu.. goodbye fever,hello flu??? DAMN! hope to recover ASAP!!! pray for me!!.. anyway gonna show u a video of my sweet 17 surprise birthday party made my besties,sasa.. its a very touching video for me!! THANKS to my besties..

hope to recover soon^^

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