Friday, August 7, 2009

mY LaSt dAy WoRKinG iN coNi CoCci

yeah u heard me!!! Thursday is my last day working in coni cocci. Mainly cos i thought i get to start college by nex week and work during PC fair but non of this plans work.. yeah! i wont be studying this year due to some problem which i m not going to tell.. wanna know why ask me personally!! seriously i hate it happen.. i m so stress out and pissed off.. but then God came to me and tell me he always got a better plan for me!!! o yeah, i dint work in PC fair cos the work doesnt suit me and i dont have friends..LOL!

1st of all thank God for the incredible job that i get.. yeah, u can see most of my time very relax and on9(the internet bad) but still i enjoy working there.. i know i mumble alot on my work!! haha.. honestly i did not apply for the job..i went to visit my friend at Coni cocci then she ask me to work cos no one will be working then the nex day i start my work.. sign** hmm..but still if she did not intro me to work then i will be sleeping at home for few months by now!! lol..enjoy pic^^

me and ling.. lol..she work in vinstella..

opps.. i kinder forget her name d.. another vinstella worker..LOL!

me and abang ros..i got no idea whats his real i m not mistaken.. he is padington manager!! he jus dont admit in front of me..i talk to him all times when i m bored..LOL! he will entertain me..

me and nurbella... she is one of the new worker and yeah she replace me!! she is a modern hawt LADY!! haha.. she speak chinese fluently.. yeah i know i m such a banana but i m learning now.. =p

another new friend i made.. er..not mistaken her name is sue may..haha.. sorry never had a official introduction at the 1st place..i like her^^

last but not least.. ah YING! hahaha.. she dont wan to take a pic with me.. so i took one of her pic..LOL!

at last.. few pics of me and her..haha..

the moon is nice..

GBU* love


Death Legion said...

what moon ? i don't see it :O
wait no i see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 MOONS
oh nvm....this picture is so lonely....reminds me of someone...reminds me of myself...where's my piggy...i miss you

sook koon said...!! tiny one le..over there.. aww.. then dont see the moon la see me!!! hahaha