Friday, August 7, 2009

QuEeNsBay iNvAsIoN w/ aNne^^

Dont even ask me why i blog at 3am in the morning!! haha.. hmm.. if you(reader) read my FB's personal message will know i m going out with anne stephanie peterson yesterday..LOL!** we been planning this outing since last week. We wanted to over night at Rachel's house since everyone is having their holidays now but Rachel's family got plan and katherine need to work.. but then again nothing can stop us!!! i still go out with anne.. yeah.. eventhoug is just both of us but we enjoy alot..

woke up around 11am then on9.. i start to get ready around 1.30pm..haha.. i was suppose to pick her up around 2pm..yeah i m abit late then we head to gurney.. buy movie ticket.. watching proposal!! seriously its a very very nice movie..haha!! we both enjoy it alot.. there were few parts that me and her laughing all the way in the cinema and just only our voice!! LOL!* anne was like saying those people in cinema dont have the sense of

before movie, we went to hunt for dress.. went to few shops like mng,forever 21,esprit,padini,voir and lots more!!! we got nothing.. hmm.. anne like one of the dress in mna but was too expensive and the sales girl was not nice at us a very weird look n like wanting us to get out there..bahhh, maybe she is in a bad mood.. hmm.. went to dave deli to had lunch.. then rush to cinema was abit late.. the best part was i m laughing at anne in the toilet.. she is trying to take the tissue from the machine and she dont know how it works.. yeah, i m standing beside her and waiting for her to take the tissue then i can laugh at her *evil me..

hmm..after movie, went to forever 21 again.. went to buy the top that anne wan.. o yeah, we even tried few clothes jus to take pictures..LOL! we enjoy camwhoring.. after she bought her top, we thought of going to the beach there but too bad anne got to go..aww.. there is always nex time.. any way i really had a great time!! it was very awesome!! then i send her back to methodist church for her worship practice...

went home and change.. went to "pasar malam" with mom.. bought new bag!! LOVE IT! bought lots of food.. hmm.. was raining heavily and i was fetching my mom using motor.. LOL.. i was completely wet.. actually i m shivering while riding.. on my way back my mom was like saying to me " ehhh bahaya ok!! u tahu undang undang ar?? " LOL* cos i was using the other lane to avoid traffic and if happens got car in front i will be knock down.. sorry kinder sleepy now not going to explain more.. o really had a great day.. currently looking for a job!!! hehe.. is the pic of the day..

1st pic of the day...

anne bought me sundae cone..yeah!! she keep her promise..LOL!

our lunch time in dave deli..

the movie of the day..

i lov it alot!! the last part i even 1st i was laughing all the way.. hahah..nice movie..

me and anne..trying clothes.. camwhoring..LOL!

pictures with my car?? lol... i dont know why anne is so excited sitting my car..

yeahh.. now u know..she fell in lov with the car..LOL! hahaha..

a better pic of sweetie..

its me and my

last pic of the day!!!

i lov u!! hehe.. isnt she hawt and sweet?? i had lots of fun hanging out with u..its really awesome..God had bless both of us..

hmm..not much for now..
but will keep blogging..
hope i m not that lazy..haha..
any way is weekends again!
Thank God for the amazing week..
praise LORD for good sunday..
hmm..before i end.. i would lov to wish someone!!
happy birthday kenneth loh!!
my classmate..the top scorer.. haha..
thats all for now..
lov ya nite nite^^

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