Saturday, August 29, 2009

hApPy BLesS bIrThdAy, GrAndMa

happy bless birthday to my grandma. She is the only grandma left. Other grandparents pass away few years back. I dint know till my mom told me this morning. Asked me to get back home early and thank God my schedule for my work is just prefect. Went to mega food carnival this morning, not much stalls and as huge like last year but still was a great one. Bought lots of lots of food to crystal house. Spend an hour there before going off to work. i had lots of fun with my work and was surprise to see Andrew(a friend).

guess what? i start to like my supervisor. i saw him on phone with another person and he was like making fun kissing the phone when i stand beside him. he gave me a very weird look and he start to laugh and look at me and ask me " why? never see people kiss on the phone before?" WT!!! lol.. then got one time he dancing(play play) in front of him then again i give him a weird look. He will go " u think i kenot dance? then i show u" i heard he sings very well too..LOL!!! i feel fun working with cool people around me..haha..

then back to my story. Had dinner at sungai nibong. Surprisingly we had dinner at the place where crystal's dad celebrate his birthday. i msg crystal. She was speechless.. LOL! food was not nice..*tumbs down* anyway have a look at the pic.. i look cubby!! I KNOW! but guess what! I LOOSE WEIGHT! muahahah XD serious**

candid one by my cousin..i like it..hahaha

another cousin love this..she thinks i m cute..HAHAHA!!

my mom,grandma, my 2nd bro and me.. my 1st bro busy with work and dad is in bangkok..LOL! so 3 of us attend grandma birthday only.. any way happy birthday grandma!!

yeap ning,ann,ean and me! haha cousins.. lol..we cant stop laughing..

thats all for now i think..
o yeah! i m fully recover from my illness..
but still coughing badly..
voice still sexy..LOL!
looking for dates..haha
will keep things update if i got something to blog..

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