Monday, February 23, 2009

tHingS tHat kEeP mE eNteRtAin & aWaKe WheN i M WorKiNg

yeah...i been working in office as my part time job while waiting for results... last time when i 1st came place was between 2 guys(man)... usually they will talked crap when they get bored at the same time i could peek at their computer and actually they were chatting~!! LOL~!! same goes to people in the office..thats the best way to awake and communicate..HAHAHA~!! yeah..their crap keeps me awake cos i play the middle person..LOL~!! after 2 weeks i got my own place..u know.. own table,computer,tv by my side and most of all more privacy..hahah~!!! as time goes by.. I M BORED~!! doing the same thing everyday..ARGH~! here were the list on what i will do when i m and going to fall asleep..haha..

1. watch any kind of movie or even anime.. hmm..Russell Peters too..i would never get bored over his joke..will just keep me no specker so i m using my own earphone..LOL~!!

2. Online chat with friends especially joe^^ he would be there with me ALL THE TIME~!!! hehe..i would put my status busy but i m around just that some people are irritating so i wont chat with them...

3. Check my mails.. friendster and facebook too..hehe..

4. List to music..from HP~!! yeah..good thing hp is walkman phone..i bring my charger to work everyday..haha.. i would charge till full then afternoon will listen to music..use till no battery the next day come office and charge..SMART RIGHT?? hahaha...

5. Talk with friends. They would show me anything they saw in computer and stuff.. they will just talk eventhoug they are older than me..haha...

6. Play games..hehe..YEAH i dont play GAMES~! but once in a while kids game r not that bad.. i m sure u song will tease me..*GAMES* Press me

7. FOOD~!! lol.. i will bring sweets most of the time.. or any other junk food..HAHAHA~!! of course not the huge one if not everyone will stare at me..hmm..HOT WATER works on keeping me awake sometimes..hehe

8. Blogging..haha.. most of the time will read people's blog or see their photos..hehe.. to keep track and update on them..u know.. only we can talk sometimes..hehe

hm...i guess that all..haha..well those can keep me awake for 8hours then its enough..hehe.. wow..2 post at one shot...COOL~!! bye++

mOnDay WiTh cRysTaL

Just a short post to keep me awake from work.. yesterday came back work then bring mom to indian temple..then came back bath and stuff.. i decided to go out since i m BORED at home.. called crystal up..once i called her at night then she know i m very very suspicious.. usually we hang out at night and i m the one who always come out with ideas and ajak her..LOL~!! as usual as she unswer my call.. 1st thing came out from her "so what you want??" hahaha...GOSH~!!
dress up..i love the SHIRT that i m wearing..well,its just comfortable.. and short pants.. i bring along my laptop and stuff..picked her up around 9++ went to greenlane mcd..ARGH~! no parking.. head to gurney starbuck..hehe.. so i intro her to watch russell peters..she was like LHAO~!!! LOL.. luckily there were no people in starbuck except the workers cos i put the highest volume.. yeah.. everytime that guy make jokes all the *F* word will come out.. LOL~!!! the worker will see what we doing when they passed by.. went off around 11++ was going to hunt for hawker food but was raining.. end up we bought rojak... i drive to greenlane mcd and find a parking under the lights..starts to eat our rojak and play cards..LOL~!!! having our great time over there..i even accidentally poke her finger when eating rojak~!!! DAMN~!.. i m rough.. haha..
pics up...

lol..we both finish half of it d..the rojak was good but expensive..hmm..what u expect?? we went to the hawker food beside gurney which so called killing tourist place..HAHAHA~!! once in a while doesnt hurt so least was good..

me and crystal..hehe.. those were the rain shadow..not our pimples!!!

thats for now folks...tata^^

Sunday, February 22, 2009

mY wEeK n dEdiCatiOn 2 JeShuA ^^

hi readers~!!! guess what?? this whole week i been sleeping for less than 5hours~!! go to work came back then hang out till 12something...go on and on and on for 5 days~!! AT LAST~!! my panda eyes come out d the last day..LOL..haha.. so i decided to sleep to the MAX on saturday.. hmm.. yeah i SLEPT for 12hours..MUAHAHAHA~!! lol.. that was like the best sleep..haha.. on saturday i woke up around 4++ then get ready and fetch yung to school to pay a visit on scout annual camp which is kemporee..haha.. we went to get our tea time(mcd) and went to car wash before we went to visit them... reach there around 5pm.. walked around and talked with juniors and stuff..YEAH~! as usual..walked around for 20mins then off we go..
i went to fetch crystal cos she wanted to join me to send jeshua off after my dance class.. i was rushing cos i scared i m late for my dance.. reached there jus in time..hahah~!! having lots of fun dancing as well very tired..hmm..nowadays not much people but still we had lots of fun..that teacher always bully me but he is a GREAT teacher..hehe..
then yin yee followed me to airport too.. reached there..lots of friends and relative.. i was like looking at jeshua cos he told me "come la sook koon,no one send me off...i very lonely".. ARGH~!! its jus i m kinder shy..haha.. atleast i know some people over there and crystal was by my side all along..hehe.. then we went to buy mcd.. just join in their big group and talked.. we had great time talking..well,jeshua was busy with his relatives and stuff but still he would come once in a while to talk with us..yeah..he is a great due..
ok..i would love to talk abit bout my friend,jeshua.. i still remember how i know him..LOL~!! that time i was form1 and i went to kemporee and he was my PL(patrol leader)..i was under him.. u know? in a camp..hahah..then we started to talk and stuff.. we r not close but still we do share things and problems..he is my senior cos we both were in prefect's board and cf(christian fellowship).. during his year on taking over cf, he always stressed out and need to plan things all time..he had became our cf president when he was f4 cos there were no cf members after elsie's year..during his year there were only few members(around 3).. he really commit himself on cf.. no matter how busy he is,he will make sure there were activities going on in cf..YEAH~!! he is a great leader and a good role model.. well, usually i would helped him out.. i m having the same problem with year there were only 3people and i m the only usual members.. he choose me to be the president although i had just became a christian.. he helped me out and even talked to me..he pray for me and tell me his experience.. we were very proud cos we could see our cf is growing~!! AMEN~!! hmm..well jus go and hav a look at our cf now..its growing.. compared to last time there were not even!! more than 20++ wow~!!! GOD IS GREAT~!!
would like to take this apportunity to thank Jeshua for his helped and guide me..
i m happy that i could send him off..yeah~! well,all the best and do TAKE CARE~!! God bless..

pic of jeshua..i could not find any pic..i think this is the best..haha

PS. i did not received the pic i took with him in airport yet so this pic will do for now..hehe

after sending jeshua off, i send yin yee home then went to visit yung wei.. we wanted to go gurney to eat hawker food but was raining end up go school..BAH~!! again problems bout girls overnight in camp(1st time happen in history) and was caught by teacher.. there were like discussing..hmm.. i need to get abit involve to settle down..try to tell teachers..i guess..hopefully it doesnt affect any of the scout and guides...went to find cik.fuz since she did not unswer my call..end up she slept d..then i called joe up(saje kacau him)..MUAHAHAH~!! =P talked to him for an hour and crystal was beside me laughing non stop.. after that went to greenlane mcd to play cards..YUP~! 3times MCD in a DAY~!! I M GONNA GAIN WEIGHT~!!! ARGHHHHHH..
went back sleep around 5++ .. i woke up around 1pm cos of SOMEONE~!! yeah..joe trying to take his revenge..calling me to wake me up..talked to me so i can get excited..*angry u*
then went off for nasi kandar around 5 with cik.fuz and told her what happen yesterday.. then went to fing yung cos we wanted to go school but finish so fast..hmm...end up in gurney..SHOPPING~!! neh, we dint buy much cos out of cash..she force me to buy a dress~!! ARGH~!! she paid for me..i was LIKE ARGH~!! HOIIII... no money return u la..she just show her evil laugh all the way..anyway THANKS~!!! hehe..
then went back to my house..we were suppose to go Queensbay cos yung mom wanted to go but end up my dad came back late..i need to take dinner if i wan go out..yung joined me for dinner and she was enjoying eating the fish that my dad caught..i was LIKE~! cool..hahaha.. cos i dont really since young..LOL~!! we went out around 9something nearly 10 and Queensbay close at 10.30.. we went tesco..hehe.. buy groceries and some stuff..haha..she taught me lots of things..i mean HOW TO BECOME A WIFE~!! hahaha...we had our great time buying those..LOL~!..ok..thats the end for now since is been a while i blog..hmm.. bye folks.. up coming post will be sasa birthday~!! hehe..LOVE YA..

Saturday, February 14, 2009

vALenTine^^ i lov u,joe

BAH~!! talking bout valentine i never ever celebrate or even had a valentine before.. LOL~!!! yeah i know lots of guys and got few ex back then but i never celebrate before.. hmm.. so this year something different.. i got valentine?? NOPE~!! i received something from my bf..haha.. i been with my bf for about 3years and we did not celebrate any special events before like valentine, birthday or anything..weird rite?? basically cos we are always far apart.. hmm... like last time when we got into relationship he went back to KL for a year to study form5 then he came back to penang after SPM.. after half year, he went to US for further study.. yeah... we never celebrate..hahaha..
this year actually we plan to date.. of course in msn but with web camp.. HAHAHA~!! weird right?? what to do..having a far distance relationship u just have to bare with it.. so he asked me to meet him around 8pm on friday which is like around 4am over his place.. i was working on that day then i went out for dinner with danny, jun heong and keat tatt(classmates) cos they had dinner nearby my house.. came back abit late which like gonna be 8.30pm.. rushing to open my laptop and online.. i was damn nervous that he was not around..i tried to call him few times but could not get through..u know calls barely get through.. at least he was able to call me up and talked to me a while then he went off and say he got more important call coming in.. *was abit upset*
after a while, joshua(my bf's friend) call me.. he asked me to come out cos he wanted to pass my something which my bf asked him to pass..he was like outside my house~!! LOL~!! OK... as i walked towards his car, he came out with a bouquet of flowers..i was so surprised.. seriously unexpected~!! then another friend came out from his car.. he was like asking some questions and i just dont really know how to answer..he took my picture so he could send to my bf.. i look ugly but...neh~! i dont mind...was so happy till i went speechless.. of course i thank them alot..haha
after they went off, i called my bf and that was the only 1st time i called him and it get through.. i was yelling on the phone~! LOL~!!! he just wish me happy valentine day and laugh all the way.. we just talked for a while.. hmm..doesn't spend much calling him i think i will call him often from now..haha..
then we continue our conversation in msn.. whats the most touching is that he actually find out all the meanings of the flowers and the colours of the decoration around..then he just think on how to arrange it and stuff.. haha..well from what i know.. usually guys just buy depending on budget..haha.. although my bf is hard but he put effort on doing something for me.. thanks alot darling^^ although he is not satisfied on the arrangement and stuff but it still meant alot to me... this is the 1st time in my life receiving flowers from guy..dear,i love u~!!! honestly the card meant more than the flower to me.. the words were truly from his heart and i actually cried after reading it..*happy tears* love u lots..THANKS DARLING** I LOVE YOU~!!! JOSEPH~!!

yup..the flower from my darling..hehe

the card is very nice..*not going to show the content* LOL~!!!

darling,the rose got bloom la.k.. haha.. it means i love you..haha

its me and the flower..sorry,could not smile wider cos just cried..hahaha...

anyway back to my story.. i went out with my gf on valentine day..haha.. dont worry we did not attend any bachelor party..haha.. hmm.. still till now i dont have a valentine on valentine day..haha..o well, gf still consider my love..haha.. carinn and yung came to my house around 8pm.. went to get ready.. went to gurney and was traffic jam but we manage to find a parking nearby and we dont have to stuck on the traffic.. 1st of all we went to cold storage to get something.. i went to get lots of things... my friends was like "oh,now train to become house wife d after spending sometimes with your bf"..LOL~!! haha.. fine.. i jus went around and get what i wan.. honestly i take anything i wan and i dont even care bout my budget.. i spend around 90++ for what i had BOUGHT~!! LOL...
then went to carinn's car and put my stuff.. as usual went to arcade and play games.. then we went down to hunt for hawker food nearby.. yung even bought a flower for her mom..LOL~!! she was like asking me is it wrong to buy flower for mom..haha.. its to express love doesnt mean must only buy for bf my dear..u can buy for anyone you love..haha.. there were stalls along the road.. selling flowers and bears and stuff.. i came across this uncle sitting on the floor selling firecrackers.. after talking with him, i felt pity towards him.. he was having a hard time talking also.. then i decided to buy some firecrackers from him..he even gave me extra and free one packet..i went speechless but he just put everything in the plastic bag so i just took from him.. he even gave a lighter...*sob sob* its like..he so nice.. i really pity him...
me and gf playing firecrackers at the beach.. u know..the gurney drive..haha.. everyone was like looking and staring at us..having so much fun..LOL~!!! its so crazy.. i was afraid to light up the crackers so i took a paper and burn it.. when got flames, i faster put the firecrackers near to light huh..LOL~!!! we manage to play all except one left cos the starter was to inside and i was afraid to light up..hahaha~!! we just throw everything away..LOL..
the best part was there were flames between the rocks.. i meant it caught fire..hahaha~!! luckily got coke~!! i even use coke to clean up our seat..hahaha.. my friend was like "u r one crazy girl".. LOL~!!! i could not find so much liquid than coke..hahaha..then i decided to return the lighter to the uncle since i m not using it anymore.. i went to buy some food for the uncle too.. haha.. i bought shark fin soup and fruits for the uncle.. he was like so happy and thank us..he even wish us happy valentine day..aww.. how sweet..hehe.. pity him alot..
walked q a distance to get our car..cos the mall is close so need to walk through basement and stuff..hahha.. reach home around 1something..LOL~!!! ok..thats how i spend my valentine day this year..haha.. well, happy valentine day to everyone~!! especially to my darling.. i love you alot..hehe..

PS. i love you,Joe^^

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

mINi gAtHerInG wIth tEacHer

we had mini gathering last friday(if not mistaken) with our beloved teacher, ms.wong our bible knowledge teacher.. actually we(Rachel,Anne,Katherine and me) planned to visit teacher after our SPM but in the ended everyone was very busy so we did not do anything or had our gathering.. hmm.. last Thursday, Katherine called me up and the planning.. hmm since i got no work then i m fine joining them..
on that day i went out around 5pm to fetch cer yinn to go for a hair cut at Queensbay.. she wanted to go to hair icon and i thought it was to expensive but i wanted to had my hair cut.. since i m free now so i just cut lo.. dint know it drag my time and for this stupid silly hair cut cost me around RM67~!! wash hair and cut only~~!!!! DAMN~!! i SWEAR i would never ever want to go in to that shop again..serious~!!
i was in a rushed so i left earlier to fetch Katherine in BJ.. she bought KFC... then i went home and get my money and send her home to get her stuff.. we met Rachel and Anne at downstair teacher's house.. we planned to surprised her..LOL~!!! well.. teacher know we will be coming so she prepared desert and drinks.. we prepared our things and make sure everyone sign the card that Rachel made..the card on my previous blog(study group)..
went up and shouted surprised..LOL!!!! we went in and had our seat.. teacher started to pray before we had our dinner.. hehe.. while eating we were talking..YUP~!! like aunty at pasar.. girls are damn noisy..hahaha.. but we had our great time.. we talked bout our experience during SPM and currently what are we doing and whats our plan in future..hahah.. we spend around 2 hours over there...talking, eating and taking photos..LOL~!!!
we went home around 10pm.. we went down to the guard house and waited for their parents.. we still talked non stop and laughed all the way... teacher came down cos she wanted to go to her mom's house.. when she came down and walked near the guard house she heard our voice(laughing all the way) but she could not find us..hahaha.. in the end she saw us by the coner and she complain that we being to NOISY~!!! lol... ok..thats our day.. check out the photos..hehe

our FOOD~!!!! yum yum..hehe

chocolate cake that our teacher prepared

nice view..from our teacher house..hehe

me and anne her lots darling..muackkss..hehe

gorgeous Rachel..heart her lotsss..

of course not forgetting the sweetest and holy of all..katherine.. beautiful drama girl..lov ya~!!

anne,me, Rachel and our beloved teacher..hehe

family pic**lol.. looks weird abit lo..

why are we pointing?? cos of anne's reddish hair which cost her more than RM300~!!! hahaha.. its sooo precious and we decided to point at it..haha

a better family picture..hehe.. wow..i dint know anne grow~!! hahaha...

yeah...with my new hair cut~!!
all those pic...
another gathering coming up..haha
actually its today..
its just too lazy to post..
the pictures had not received yet..
wait ya.. will be up~! hehe

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

LaSt dAy bEinG wiTh jOe

lol..that was like 2 weeks ago... well my previous post will make everyone wonder whats happen in the end like fairy tale before i post anything.. i would like to end my previous post with this last day being with darling,joseph..
it was on saturday.. i went to his house around 8something..hmm was thinking he wont be woke up so early so i message his brother to open the door for me(thanks alot).. then i went up his bedroom and he was surprised to see me..hehe..
i disturb him till he get up..LOL~!! *bad girl* hmm.. i planned to bring him somewhere to eat but his parents came back when we were ready to go out.. so in the end followed his family for breakfast.. i understand that he need to spend some time with his parents before he left so i dont mind joining them..hehe..
went to northern hotel and had our breakfast..then went to Gurney to get something for Joseph.. hmm.. we went to pakson and bought him underwear..haha.. well, i choose for him~!! he q choosy in it.. we tried to get every brand of underwear..LOL~!! one cost him 20++.. i choose for him 5~!!! 5 underwear which cost more than 100++ he went like *OMG* least we enjoy shopping for underwear..
we started to hold hands even in front of his parents..hehe.. *nervous* then we went to cold storage and get him all kind of chill powder for fish and chicken~!! he wanted to challenge his friend.. cos one of his friend say his country had the most spicy food ever~!! *ALAMAK* like that also can...hahaha.. o well, hopefully they dont end up in the toilet la..
then went home around 6something then his mom prepared dinner.. we actually had a family reunion dinner..haha.. *gosh~! 1st time join* haha..^shy shy^.. after dinner, i helped him to pack his clothes.. his parents helped him as well..
after settle down, i spend some time talking with Joseph face to face before I went home..haha.. we talked bout how was his trip, our time being together, how we get along and each other feelings and experience.. wow~!! amazing..haha.. i ended up crying..feels hurt when you see your loves one going to leave u..his flight was in the morning the following day and I did not send him off.. cos we might ended up crying in the air port.. hahaha.. so we see each other that day for the last time.. time passed so fast.. but we enjoy alot.. we did lots of things cos we learn to appreciate time cos time is limited for us.. we do lots of crazy things and travel around.. i just love traveling with him..haha..its amazing.. thats all i guess..

last pic being with him..
looking forward on his nex trip..haha..
i love u~!! take care..
*study hard ya*
+all the best+