Wednesday, February 4, 2009

mINi gAtHerInG wIth tEacHer

we had mini gathering last friday(if not mistaken) with our beloved teacher, ms.wong our bible knowledge teacher.. actually we(Rachel,Anne,Katherine and me) planned to visit teacher after our SPM but in the ended everyone was very busy so we did not do anything or had our gathering.. hmm.. last Thursday, Katherine called me up and the planning.. hmm since i got no work then i m fine joining them..
on that day i went out around 5pm to fetch cer yinn to go for a hair cut at Queensbay.. she wanted to go to hair icon and i thought it was to expensive but i wanted to had my hair cut.. since i m free now so i just cut lo.. dint know it drag my time and for this stupid silly hair cut cost me around RM67~!! wash hair and cut only~~!!!! DAMN~!! i SWEAR i would never ever want to go in to that shop again..serious~!!
i was in a rushed so i left earlier to fetch Katherine in BJ.. she bought KFC... then i went home and get my money and send her home to get her stuff.. we met Rachel and Anne at downstair teacher's house.. we planned to surprised her..LOL~!!! well.. teacher know we will be coming so she prepared desert and drinks.. we prepared our things and make sure everyone sign the card that Rachel made..the card on my previous blog(study group)..
went up and shouted surprised..LOL!!!! we went in and had our seat.. teacher started to pray before we had our dinner.. hehe.. while eating we were talking..YUP~!! like aunty at pasar.. girls are damn noisy..hahaha.. but we had our great time.. we talked bout our experience during SPM and currently what are we doing and whats our plan in future..hahah.. we spend around 2 hours over there...talking, eating and taking photos..LOL~!!!
we went home around 10pm.. we went down to the guard house and waited for their parents.. we still talked non stop and laughed all the way... teacher came down cos she wanted to go to her mom's house.. when she came down and walked near the guard house she heard our voice(laughing all the way) but she could not find us..hahaha.. in the end she saw us by the coner and she complain that we being to NOISY~!!! lol... ok..thats our day.. check out the photos..hehe

our FOOD~!!!! yum yum..hehe

chocolate cake that our teacher prepared

nice view..from our teacher house..hehe

me and anne her lots darling..muackkss..hehe

gorgeous Rachel..heart her lotsss..

of course not forgetting the sweetest and holy of all..katherine.. beautiful drama girl..lov ya~!!

anne,me, Rachel and our beloved teacher..hehe

family pic**lol.. looks weird abit lo..

why are we pointing?? cos of anne's reddish hair which cost her more than RM300~!!! hahaha.. its sooo precious and we decided to point at it..haha

a better family picture..hehe.. wow..i dint know anne grow~!! hahaha...

yeah...with my new hair cut~!!
all those pic...
another gathering coming up..haha
actually its today..
its just too lazy to post..
the pictures had not received yet..
wait ya.. will be up~! hehe

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