Monday, February 23, 2009

tHingS tHat kEeP mE eNteRtAin & aWaKe WheN i M WorKiNg

yeah...i been working in office as my part time job while waiting for results... last time when i 1st came place was between 2 guys(man)... usually they will talked crap when they get bored at the same time i could peek at their computer and actually they were chatting~!! LOL~!! same goes to people in the office..thats the best way to awake and communicate..HAHAHA~!! yeah..their crap keeps me awake cos i play the middle person..LOL~!! after 2 weeks i got my own place..u know.. own table,computer,tv by my side and most of all more privacy..hahah~!!! as time goes by.. I M BORED~!! doing the same thing everyday..ARGH~! here were the list on what i will do when i m and going to fall asleep..haha..

1. watch any kind of movie or even anime.. hmm..Russell Peters too..i would never get bored over his joke..will just keep me no specker so i m using my own earphone..LOL~!!

2. Online chat with friends especially joe^^ he would be there with me ALL THE TIME~!!! hehe..i would put my status busy but i m around just that some people are irritating so i wont chat with them...

3. Check my mails.. friendster and facebook too..hehe..

4. List to music..from HP~!! yeah..good thing hp is walkman phone..i bring my charger to work everyday..haha.. i would charge till full then afternoon will listen to music..use till no battery the next day come office and charge..SMART RIGHT?? hahaha...

5. Talk with friends. They would show me anything they saw in computer and stuff.. they will just talk eventhoug they are older than me..haha...

6. Play games..hehe..YEAH i dont play GAMES~! but once in a while kids game r not that bad.. i m sure u song will tease me..*GAMES* Press me

7. FOOD~!! lol.. i will bring sweets most of the time.. or any other junk food..HAHAHA~!! of course not the huge one if not everyone will stare at me..hmm..HOT WATER works on keeping me awake sometimes..hehe

8. Blogging..haha.. most of the time will read people's blog or see their photos..hehe.. to keep track and update on them..u know.. only we can talk sometimes..hehe

hm...i guess that all..haha..well those can keep me awake for 8hours then its enough..hehe.. wow..2 post at one shot...COOL~!! bye++

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