Tuesday, February 3, 2009

LaSt dAy bEinG wiTh jOe

lol..that was like 2 weeks ago... well my previous post will make everyone wonder whats happen in the end like fairy tale story..so before i post anything.. i would like to end my previous post with this post..my last day being with darling,joseph..
it was on saturday.. i went to his house around 8something..hmm was thinking he wont be woke up so early so i message his brother to open the door for me(thanks alot).. then i went up his bedroom and he was surprised to see me..hehe..
i disturb him till he get up..LOL~!! *bad girl* hmm.. i planned to bring him somewhere to eat but his parents came back when we were ready to go out.. so in the end followed his family for breakfast.. i understand that he need to spend some time with his parents before he left so i dont mind joining them..hehe..
went to northern hotel and had our breakfast..then went to Gurney to get something for Joseph.. hmm.. we went to pakson and bought him underwear..haha.. well, i choose for him~!! he q choosy in it.. we tried to get every brand of underwear..LOL~!! one cost him 20++.. i choose for him 5~!!! 5 underwear which cost more than 100++ he went like *OMG* haha...at least we enjoy shopping for underwear..
we started to hold hands even in front of his parents..hehe.. *nervous* then we went to cold storage and get him all kind of chill powder for fish and chicken~!! he wanted to challenge his friend.. cos one of his friend say his country had the most spicy food ever~!! *ALAMAK* like that also can...hahaha.. o well, hopefully they dont end up in the toilet la..
then went home around 6something then his mom prepared dinner.. we actually had a family reunion dinner..haha.. *gosh~! 1st time join* haha..^shy shy^.. after dinner, i helped him to pack his clothes.. his parents helped him as well..
after settle down, i spend some time talking with Joseph face to face before I went home..haha.. we talked bout how was his trip, our time being together, how we get along and each other feelings and experience.. wow~!! amazing..haha.. i ended up crying..feels hurt when you see your loves one going to leave u..his flight was in the morning the following day and I did not send him off.. cos we might ended up crying in the air port.. hahaha.. so we see each other that day for the last time.. time passed so fast.. but we enjoy alot.. we did lots of things cos we learn to appreciate time cos time is limited for us.. we do lots of crazy things and travel around.. i just love traveling with him..haha..its amazing.. thats all i guess..

last pic being with him..
looking forward on his nex trip..haha..
i love u~!! take care..
*study hard ya*
+all the best+

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