Monday, January 26, 2009

mY 2Nd LaSt dAy wItH jOe

last Friday i take leave to spend my day with Joseph since he is going back soon.. actually i planned to go to sunway carnival in s.perai since its new... before the day, i went to google for direction to there... i had a clear look over it and i know how to go..i guess..haha..
we were thinking it was going to be traffic jam on the bridge or on the way to the end we still go on with the planning.. luckily it was not traffic jam at all..hahaha.. actually we get lost because i make the wrong turn and i even go further down.. i went till permatang pauh which is way to far from sunway carnival.. we ask for direction when we pay for tol..well, it wasnt that bad after all.. at least i have my darling accompany me going crazy in the car and make lots of jokes..
at last we reached there and we were able to find parking near the mall..
nothing much my friend say.. kinder bored and nothing at all.. we rather go to prangin than going u can imagine how terrible it is..hahaha.. guess what~!!! we went to giant and buy some food so we can cooked when we get home.. actually wanna buy nudgets but i m afraid later her mom will scold cos we been eating fast food for the whole week..LOL~!! so we bough french toast,drinks and a can of mushroom soup..hahaha
we went back in the evening.. when we get out of the mall i dont really know how to make a U-turn so i went straight till i reached the the end we took the ferry.. we waited for ah hour in the car~!!! damn~!! guess what.. we make lots of jokes and keep laughing all the way..the worst thing was there was DAMN HUGE crocoaches crawling at my front mirror.. i saw it when it almost went up the roof top..i shouted when i saw it and Joseph was shocked when he saw cos its was like right in front of him.. luckily that thing was outside..he was like shouting all the way when he saw..i ended up laughing at him non-stop..HAHAHA~!!! i tried to use the wiper to make that creature go off but was too late..hahaha..damn yucky la~!!! that thing doesnt come from my car it might be the car in front of me..there were bunch of guys came out from their car and shouting all the way..there were malays~!! right after they went out from their car the thing appear~!! possibility was from that car...EUWWWWWW~!!! cut that off~! cos its disgusting when i think over again...
we had our great time in the ferry.. i told him there were lots of jelly fish.. at least we get to saw lots of jelly fish..haha.. he told me that was stocking floating in the water not jelly fish..ARGH~! cos the penang sea its to dirty...LOL~!!
at kast we get home by 6pm..then we started to cook before his mom used the kitchen to prepare dinner..we get helped form his mom on how to cook the things..LOL~!! at least the food we cooked were eatable..haha.. here were some pictures...

its me and my darling..hehe

argh~!!! he just cant smile..

lol....he was doing something and i try to take me and him sleeping.. but i dint know he realize.. he went "OMG~!! the flash light...ARGH" lol..joking.. i just dont know why he wanna react that way..hahaha

both of us in the ferry..

our lunch and dinner and tea time..yeah..hahaha..

thats for today~!!
its the 2nd day of chinese new year
need to go grandma house to get ang
i spend my 1st day chinese new year on the bed..
now its time to get ang pow..
see ya folks..
happy chinese new year

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