Monday, January 19, 2009

bEAcH wiTh jOe^^

oppps* i miss out the KL trip but i will update soon when i get the pictures.. still waiting for pictures from SOMEONE~!! argh.. lol..
we went to the beach last few weeks but we wanted to go watch sunset to bad it was raining heavily so end up we balik rumah... we went to batu ferringgi beach to watch sunset on last sunday..was suppose to be saturday but i was busy..LOL~!!
we went there around 6pm(prefect time i guess).. we walked along the beach n playing with the water.. well we did not went for swiming cos it was dirty n salty.. honestly i never like swiming on the beach~!! yucky~!!! lol..
nothing much to usual.. after sunset, we walked around the stalls to buy CD and makan makan..damn the food is super duper expensive..ARGH~! the food sucks not go for the foodcourt if u r local..LOL~!! seriously not nice.. hmm..i dont really wanna talked alot over here.. have a look at the pictures...

our 1st picture..hehe

lol...i look so silly le....

hmm...try to make it nature but its not that nice..

*huggies* act if i m flying

argh...what m i doing..ignore me..the sunset is nice..hehe

yup..this one is the best shot..its more nature..hahaha..lov it

hehehe..*try to be shy*

*hug hug from joe*

i m gonna miss u...*sob sob*

thanks to joshua for taking pictures for us..

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