Thursday, December 9, 2010

oN TraCk! - waYni3 bDay

hey hey reader, sorry for not updating basically i forget bout my blog! i forgotten that i own one! haha..well i m back n hopefully i will keep updating.. i been working and studying this few months! 2nd sem 1st year just ended which means i m holiday now! there are ups and downs currently this few month.. tell me if i m "unlucky" cos happens lots of tragedy! damn! fortune teller say i m unlucky this year..yeah, i think so! seriously i think i m bad luck this year!!! look on the bright side, 2010 gonna end soon! blessing and love on their way =) somehow i feel, this year taught me a lot of lesson.. bah, forget bout my pass! i m looking on the bright side now! and i m still standing strong!

hmm.. talking bout my few other post back i sound emo** if u're asking me how m i doing now, i m fine =) i m better but somehow i feel i change.. i m not that noisy n loud..and i start to keep things and dont share alot.. i m not sure its good anot.. and i think alot.. haha.. bah, again! i dont wan think.. back to the things i wanna show today !

gonna show u some photos on wayn birthday! eventhou its jus numbers of us but we had lots of fun! basically everyone is drunk! dammit! we wanna make the birthday boy drunk but instead all K.O when the time is not even 12 YET! lolxxx.. we had NICE steamboat! awesome! wayn's mom cook nice soup for our it! after we ate, we had our talk and bernard sing songs for us! with guitar.. then start to play poker cards.. had lots of fun during games! since our beer gonna finish we play wif liquor! lolx.. shot shot shot! damn! 5people almost finish whole bottle n we drink beer like water! imagine how fast we KO! haha.. check out!

lots of food XDDD


waiting waiting.. POSE
just look at nerd face!!! damn!

here is BERNARD aka the french guy! so called..
waynie.. birthday boy =)

sue..lovely girl

after our makan, nerd sing us few songs..very nice of him..
o yeah.. free hat buying the beer! saw that??

haha..the whole thing can fit in his head..

sue =)

me =)

bernard !

our pic =)

the BOYS!

game on.. start pouring.. tumbs all time..!

haha.. nerd loose in the game!
here goes sue loosing every round! drinking non stop for 6rounds..

damn! he jus cant take it d..
our pressie =) see wayn finger nails..haha

group pic.. lolx.. saw the liquor.. yeah!

slowly the boys dying..

look at him! wear my SHOES!
haha.. jason must be wondering that is that..

here goes payton humping nerd since darren is not there..lolx

lolxxx.. seriously he cant get up d.. goesn 2nd round.. sue keep drinking til they drop..

gaying time... ewww.. i dont think they realize i took the pic! worst part its not even 12am!!!! arghhh!

surprise birthday cake for waynie.. hehe

sue wanted to go out n get a cake for wayn at bernard's car but wayn had bernard's car key cos nerd was too drunk to drive home and for his safety purpose wayn keep his key to ask him over night his
sue : wayn,giv me bernard's car key..
wayn : y??
sue : i need to get my wallet form his car!
*sue's bag is so BIG! n its in front of us! sign =.= *
wayn : ok la.. *go off to wash his face*
sue : *find the drunken jason* weiii lighter *soft voice*
jason : *bring his lighter out n show at our face!* i wan to follow!
As wayn also follow us out..
jason : WHY U FOLLOW US!
wayn : errr.. i need to open the door?
jason was like...OK
At the door wearing shoes! wayn was standing at the door looking at all of us.. JASON wear my SHOES AGAIN!
me : *push jason away!* stop wearing my shoes!
jason went to wear wayn's sister shoes..again i push him n say the same thing;..
*SMACK JASON!* damn! fine..he heard all of it..

happy birthday wayn! not so surprise d...lolx

u r officially 18!!! damn! n u r not drunkk

smile =) the boys cant even get up!

lolx.. no tricks..

our last group pic.. force the guys to get up n take one..

anyway, thats all for now! been busy with lots of things lately... not gonna post starbucks steamboat cos i dont have any pic of it..haha.. actually was celebrating my boss birthday! was nice thou.. then christmas present! got a tumbler.. hehe.. hmm..other than that, i join the salvation army orphanage home for charity work under starbucks! KIDS was really naught.. hmm.. dont think have that pic too.. then cheer party was nice too..having hard time asking customers to join but was ok la overall..hehe.. got to be angels.. see what i have then i will post up wif something ok! thanks for the time.. hope i will keep things update! anyway who watch vampire dairies?? lend me season 2.. hehe.. =)

God bless u!
hav a good day readers!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

coMpliCated feELinGs

hi reader, if u hav known me from facebook my bf broke up with me. At one moment, i felt speechless cos he would never such things to me.. and for a moment i think i always believe his decision is always right.. i dont know.. i trust him so much til i will agree with his decision.. i kinder feel numb maybe we both get use to it being hurt all time and sad.. its normal and more of like routine?? gosh..

realize each time we chat we sure have problems and argue over something ! but when we see each other is like we r lost loving couples! we would never wanna talk bout anything but to hug each other knowing we wait long enough for that moment.. i felt love.. nothing i wan to do but jus hug him all night and be close wif him all i wan.. now i m trying to say i wish to see him badly huh?? all these years our communication had been a big issue in our relationship.. we cant get things right.. even if we wanna share things we cant be sure on how things go or what we can imagine.. we barely knew each other and we hardly see each other.. how can we imagine things from different side...

this 2 days i been keeping my feeling inside me.. i wanna be sad and cry but i cant.. flashback the time i received a call from my sister telling me my best friend pass away and i hardly have any feelings.. i cant imagine and no tears..nothing.. i m like numb.. after went to his funeral, i felt crying out loud asking for help.. i cant help myself but crying days n nights.. out of nowhere all kinds of feeling runing through my mind.. back to my work.. i been working for 2 nights.. of course wif keng liang i cant even sad.. seriously having around i will jus put a smile on my face.. i cant think of anything jus work and get things done.. i jus smile and laugh when i m at work..feeling proud and act nothing and its numb..

now.. few friends came over and comforted me.. after talking to my girls, i cant stand it but cry.. realize i m really sad.. inside of me.. keeping those sad feeling for days..weeks.. months.. i cant help it but cry.. knowing i m gonna loose someone i lov.. i m not sure what i wanna do.. i use to be happy go lucky girl with no problems and party all time.. i dont even know where is me.. i still wanna post this song.. i been loving this song for years and meant to dedicate to someone i lov...

i lov this song cos they always remind me of someone i lov.. something i felt that he is away far from me that i will wait him no matter what it takes.. i m sure lots of couples cant stand long distance relationship for years! we been through so much.. there is always fights and argument but knowing we still lov each other inside.. we get it out somehow.. i dont know why we just cant this time.. this song always remind me of how much pain we been through jus to wait for the moment to see each other again.. thats all for now...see u soon readers..

may God bless u ahead..
i lov u!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

FeELinGS =(

1st of all i dont know why i m here and why m i writing.. maybe cos i got no one to share or way to express now.. guess writing over here been a way of putting everything out.. Recently been thinking whats lov is about.. now i m confuse and scared.. i been dating with my bf for the past few years.. long distance relationship but we had been very strong holding it not letting each other go knowing one day we can be together..

we barely knew each other.. when we start date, it jus happen and now we are.. know him for less than a week then been in relationship for years.. maybe cos we dont see each other and been curious getting to know each other more.. we come from different world, different character,cities, backgrounds and etc etc.. basically almost everything! nothing much in common.. and how in the world we last so long when both of us come from different planet.. maybe its a new things to try each other world.. who knoes! we jus get along and its amazing..loving sweet couple.. sweet childhood dating..guess so..haha..

now both of us grown up and we grown different part.. i always want to celebrate any particular day or event with the person i love like my birthday or his, valentine, anniversary.. but non of those were important to the person i lov.. well for me this is what girls always wan to do celebrating having lots of fun,memories,pictures, gift, surprises.. i get over it after some time knowing those special event the person i lov wont be around celebrating wif me.. guess i never been through any special event just for both of us expect vacation??

i always thought he is the one.. special one which every girls would always think.. gosh,make me think back how silly n dumb i act in front of him and yet he would say i lov u.. jus flashback what we do when we r in genting inside the cable car.. trying to tease each other.. neh.. i m not gonna further than.. thats for me to think back and just to put a smile on my face for once.. back to now.. yesterday i received a sweet msg from him.. writing a story bout us jus to ask forgiveness.. hardly he done something for me but those were like something i would cherish.. its sweet,loving and memories... but today i received a msg from him that any girls out there would nv wan to hear from their own bf.. its pain,cold, cruel,sad n heartbroken.. after years of being together then suddenly u r awake! knowing u r the worst person he had ever meet in his life that had make him suffer throughout the years.. jus feel like kneeling down and tell myself i been the worst gf ever in someone's life.. part of it i know myself that i m wrong.. part of it.. its the worst thing he ever speck to someone and i have to be the worst or what... i suddenly think back gosh! i used to be happy go lucky girl and what happen to me now? omg.. i jus felt that i fail in everything.. seriously stupid.. guess i wanna end here.. i jus wanna talk to my imaginary friends.. thats all i guess.. i lov u readers!


Monday, October 11, 2010


hey hey reader... i m sorry for the past few months..yeah, start to think i forget my bloggie.. neh.. not really.. i usually drop by too sometimes jus lazy to write or jus dont get use to write it anymore.. anyway i m doing fine.. months had pass and lots of things happen! which i m suppose to talk over here... yaiks! its blog not dairy..would keep my personal dairy back in drawer..lolx..

let me see where i stop... yeah dinner that time wif joe and my friends.. hmm.. well, that time joe was back in malaysia.. spend most of my time wif him and going crazy! gosh! that time was really stress.. i been pushing my homework away n spend most time wif him.. classes i go but not all time.. and at the end of july was my assessment week and i m like crazy wif my homework.. gosh! 3 weeks of homework i dint even touch and i was like so tired..i cant even open my eyes! and i still got work at night.. thank God i got an artist boyfriend that willing to help me in my work.. damn! learn a lesson.. seriously, do homework 1st then only play! haha.. thats wat mom told me when i was small guess i need to be independent when i m big girl...

left 2 weeks of holiday.. but joe gonna stay til one my holidays only.. went to redang beach in terrenganu! we love it and its stilllllll FRESH! lolx. have a great time together.. snorkeling..! was like chasing the boat cos we scared it run away! hahaha..damn funny! was tired after that... had beer at night and we dance all night! we jus talk all time.. =)

after joe went back, then i m back to my work n study... work most of the time and study was just fine.. eric, hire 4 new partners.. and most of the senior patners left... things change in the store.. well, start to feel its not that family anymore.. i use to create this good feeling that starbucks is really apart of my family.. i dont know.. its really nice where i can actually get close wif each of them go crazy and there is a room for love.. haha.. crazy huh? work which is family? lolx.. basicly we have lots of activities like hanging out, cheong k, makan together... seriously! its fun.. eventhou all not same age,race or even religion but we r like together.. i work so many place this is the only place i feel home! =) maybe i should write a story of it or make a video of my life in starbucks! would be fun! lolx...

ok..back to my study.. doing fine and having fun! hmm.. learn alot and at last i can draw a potrait and scrupture! i nv imagine before that i can one day actually draw someone! haha.. i will continue to draw..hehe..

hmm.. apart of all this, i got lots of new friends.. but i miss my old friends and i dont hang out that much anymore.. i feel i m loosing friends dont know why maybe they r far n too busy to bother bout other things.. then love life.. dont know where i m heading to.. well guess jus hanging.. haha.. seem like both of us change or something jus cant get it connected each time we talk.. but sometimes we hav to do things that which is good for both of us then.. i dont know.. would lift up everything to GOD.. i still believe God lead me to a better direction.. anyway, sometimes i just want write things over here but its to public to share but i cant own a dairy cos i cant even write what i feel.. its confusing.. guess thats all.. lets see if i wan to post anything up for my next activity...haha.. i try k!!! lov yea readers...


Friday, August 27, 2010

mY sTorY

hey, wow..its been a while since i wrote.. i m sorry for not updating.. at 1st i wanted to but days goes by this blog never comes to my mind anymore.. i choose today to write something.. i just dont know why.. guess i m too free and very calm now.. got my avatar songs cd.. makes me feel calm and patient for some reason after listening to the instrument.

i think almost 2 months every since i blog something.. as you know joseph came back from US so basiclly i m been spending time with him.. bout the universal studion in Singapore.. we dint went cos the tickets were sold out and we had an argument.. had a bad day that time! i would lov to post up my pictures but i cant get it done.. looks like my computer having problem on uploading any pictures.. no pictures in blog and FB..yeah! would lov to share but i just dont know how to get it upload..

Went to redang with Joseph before we went back to US.. had a great time with him.. went snorkeling, swimming, walk on the beach, shops for souvenir.. at night we had beer and talk bout feelings on the beach... hearing the sound of the wave makes us feel relaxing.. dance with him on the beach.. indeed we having our great romantik time together.. i miss the moment being with him! its crazy but we enjoy it..

Joseph went back about a month ago.. time pass and my life goes back to usual schedule.. new semester start.. i enjoy going to painting,drawing and print making class.. others.. bored! english class is a wasted of time! no offences.. very BORING! we were doing some childish activities instead of learning good english! i would prefer self study at home then.. i never skip my english but this.. sorry, i just cant help it..nothing inspire me or motivate me to go for this class expect attendance!

school prom jus over like a week ago.. big warm hug to vivian for accompanying me to prom and truely sorry to yung wei i cant make it for his birthday party! i would lov to go but i got no choise.. was participating in prom queen.. do own performance n stuff.. i dint win.. i was not prepared at all.. i m not really well dressed up or any routines for my dance! jus knock myself out..crazy!!! well, hard work paid out for those who work for it.. congrates to the winners too! guess what, one of the judges is my dance teacher.. and i jus screw up my dance! well, its over d.. i enjoy my day and eating with vivian..haha..!!

just watch hachiko.. Joseph introduce me long time ago but i nv hav the chance to watch.. went to batu ferringgi last 2 days with sue.. bough lots of CD! watch in this afternoon and i cried almost half of the movie d..lolx.. nice movie! should watch!.. thats all for now.. if i have the chance to upload my pictures i will.. thank you for your time! thanks to jiansheng!

loyalty dog!

God bless!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

SwEetIe mEmoRieS

Just realize i did not update my blog for a month or even look at the page! sorry! i think most of u know that my bf came back! from US. its been a while since we see each other and honestly feeling fade most of the time maybe cos no more spark in our relationship.. we try to work on it thou.. he came back one month ago and he left a month over here! which means i m out of time seeing him! he bought me an ipod as my belated present.. best part is i got my name on it! i mean carve inside the ipod! awesome huh??

here were some update on what i do in one month.. early month was darren's birthday! so me,sue and bernard decided to go Alor star and surprised him! was successful.. bought him his fav greentea cake.. thank God we did not lost our way there and with his gf's help, things went on very well as it was planned.. not even suspicious for him also..hahah.. take me an hour to travel there..lolx.. speed til 160km/h..

here are some picture of men joe hanging out with my college besties.. few times outing during photography class.. got our own portrait pictures too..hahah was really nice.. other than that nothing much.. looking forward to KL this friday! now no bus ticket!!! DAMMIT! lolx.. going to SINGAPORE this saturday night.. UNIVERSAL STUDIO HERE I COME!!!!! lolxxxxx.... *excited*

my ipod!

got my name on it!!!! =)

me with darre's birthday cake!!!

me and sue in darren's personal office back in alor star! lolxxx

In anandas with Joe, Sue, Darren and Joshua

Joshua, Joe and me!

my bestie in college.. me , sue aka leng lui and darren aka fei chai =p lolxxxx.. lov them to the MAX!

Darren ooo++

meeeee =)

with sue..hehe

me and sweetie joe.. =)

AT Sunset Bistro!

my blue lagoon!

me and JOE!

Portrait outing during photography class =)

trying to get a good post.. hehe

innocent me.. riding on the dinosaur.. use to come all the time when i was small..hehe..

me and leng lui...

being silly!!!!

with classmates!

last but not least... huggies!

hey, i will be back for more!!! lov ya!!!! muackkksss