Monday, October 11, 2010


hey hey reader... i m sorry for the past few months..yeah, start to think i forget my bloggie.. neh.. not really.. i usually drop by too sometimes jus lazy to write or jus dont get use to write it anymore.. anyway i m doing fine.. months had pass and lots of things happen! which i m suppose to talk over here... yaiks! its blog not dairy..would keep my personal dairy back in drawer..lolx..

let me see where i stop... yeah dinner that time wif joe and my friends.. hmm.. well, that time joe was back in malaysia.. spend most of my time wif him and going crazy! gosh! that time was really stress.. i been pushing my homework away n spend most time wif him.. classes i go but not all time.. and at the end of july was my assessment week and i m like crazy wif my homework.. gosh! 3 weeks of homework i dint even touch and i was like so tired..i cant even open my eyes! and i still got work at night.. thank God i got an artist boyfriend that willing to help me in my work.. damn! learn a lesson.. seriously, do homework 1st then only play! haha.. thats wat mom told me when i was small guess i need to be independent when i m big girl...

left 2 weeks of holiday.. but joe gonna stay til one my holidays only.. went to redang beach in terrenganu! we love it and its stilllllll FRESH! lolx. have a great time together.. snorkeling..! was like chasing the boat cos we scared it run away! hahaha..damn funny! was tired after that... had beer at night and we dance all night! we jus talk all time.. =)

after joe went back, then i m back to my work n study... work most of the time and study was just fine.. eric, hire 4 new partners.. and most of the senior patners left... things change in the store.. well, start to feel its not that family anymore.. i use to create this good feeling that starbucks is really apart of my family.. i dont know.. its really nice where i can actually get close wif each of them go crazy and there is a room for love.. haha.. crazy huh? work which is family? lolx.. basicly we have lots of activities like hanging out, cheong k, makan together... seriously! its fun.. eventhou all not same age,race or even religion but we r like together.. i work so many place this is the only place i feel home! =) maybe i should write a story of it or make a video of my life in starbucks! would be fun! lolx...

ok..back to my study.. doing fine and having fun! hmm.. learn alot and at last i can draw a potrait and scrupture! i nv imagine before that i can one day actually draw someone! haha.. i will continue to draw..hehe..

hmm.. apart of all this, i got lots of new friends.. but i miss my old friends and i dont hang out that much anymore.. i feel i m loosing friends dont know why maybe they r far n too busy to bother bout other things.. then love life.. dont know where i m heading to.. well guess jus hanging.. haha.. seem like both of us change or something jus cant get it connected each time we talk.. but sometimes we hav to do things that which is good for both of us then.. i dont know.. would lift up everything to GOD.. i still believe God lead me to a better direction.. anyway, sometimes i just want write things over here but its to public to share but i cant own a dairy cos i cant even write what i feel.. its confusing.. guess thats all.. lets see if i wan to post anything up for my next activity...haha.. i try k!!! lov yea readers...


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