Saturday, August 29, 2009

hApPy BLesS bIrThdAy, GrAndMa

happy bless birthday to my grandma. She is the only grandma left. Other grandparents pass away few years back. I dint know till my mom told me this morning. Asked me to get back home early and thank God my schedule for my work is just prefect. Went to mega food carnival this morning, not much stalls and as huge like last year but still was a great one. Bought lots of lots of food to crystal house. Spend an hour there before going off to work. i had lots of fun with my work and was surprise to see Andrew(a friend).

guess what? i start to like my supervisor. i saw him on phone with another person and he was like making fun kissing the phone when i stand beside him. he gave me a very weird look and he start to laugh and look at me and ask me " why? never see people kiss on the phone before?" WT!!! lol.. then got one time he dancing(play play) in front of him then again i give him a weird look. He will go " u think i kenot dance? then i show u" i heard he sings very well too..LOL!!! i feel fun working with cool people around me..haha..

then back to my story. Had dinner at sungai nibong. Surprisingly we had dinner at the place where crystal's dad celebrate his birthday. i msg crystal. She was speechless.. LOL! food was not nice..*tumbs down* anyway have a look at the pic.. i look cubby!! I KNOW! but guess what! I LOOSE WEIGHT! muahahah XD serious**

candid one by my cousin..i like it..hahaha

another cousin love this..she thinks i m cute..HAHAHA!!

my mom,grandma, my 2nd bro and me.. my 1st bro busy with work and dad is in bangkok..LOL! so 3 of us attend grandma birthday only.. any way happy birthday grandma!!

yeap ning,ann,ean and me! haha cousins.. lol..we cant stop laughing..

thats all for now i think..
o yeah! i m fully recover from my illness..
but still coughing badly..
voice still sexy..LOL!
looking for dates..haha
will keep things update if i got something to blog..

Sunday, August 23, 2009

THe FeELinG oF bEiNg SiCk iS sO SufFerIn3

If you see my msn or facebook then you probably know I m sick for the pass 2 days. Friday I already feel dizzy and sick and yet i still go for work and yeah was able to work. Since morning, i been coughing non stop and my colleague been staring at me all day. I wanted to buy hot milo but told my friend i need coffee cos shop dont have milo.. They made me cafe latte. I KNEW THAT WHENEVER I SICK, i kenot take coffee or nescafe at all if not it will be worst and yet again the person make me 2 cups cos the 1st cup i drink half way then i place it on top of the table then someone spill it.. thanks to samuel for accompany me makan..hehe.. at night went for movie with crystal and yeah was coughing badly in the cinema.. can ask crystal how suffering m i..after movie, i m so sure i totally sick d..

got back home, totally high fever.. felt dizzy, walk like a drunk person, see things yellowish, felt like vomiting, big affect on my taste bud.. straight go to bed.. sms my supervisor for not going to work.. then sleep again.. i slept almost 24hours.. i cant get up and whenever i walk i m going to faint.. o yeah, i slept without air-cond for 2 days.. was sweating whole night..

morning went to church but came out before anyone sit down.. cant stand any longer if not i m going to faint...went home then mom bring me to see doctor.. doctor say no more fever... right after came back from clinic,i got flu.. goodbye fever,hello flu??? DAMN! hope to recover ASAP!!! pray for me!!.. anyway gonna show u a video of my sweet 17 surprise birthday party made my besties,sasa.. its a very touching video for me!! THANKS to my besties..

hope to recover soon^^

Thursday, August 13, 2009

UnExPecTed PLaniNg

Today i woke up very late as usual cos no work..hmm.. i woke up late cos the day before yesterday had lots of beer with my friends at my house till very late at night.. i slept around 5am then woke up around 1pm. I called carinn up and she told me she is going to pfs now with yung and chiew ping to play ping pong. I was kinder surprise and did not expect them doing this. Yung came to my house just to pass me my pants and money so she asked me come along after taking my lunch. Reach pfs saw sasa's car. All of them were inside the car eating mcd.LOL! Then Carinn fetch us to mcd to have our lunch before playing *got around half an hour* Bought something to eat. Suddenly ting stand beside me.hmm.. she said ping pong was cancel since last week. bah.. plan cancel.. end up 8 of us eating mcd.

After lunch everyone kinder went home. Carinn have to send me and chiew ping home. Carinn was like asking me do i have plans or want to go anywhere. I suggested her to go P.Ramlee house since she wanted to go there for a long time d. hmm..nothing much.. went into the gallery and P.Ramlee house.. end up sitting inside P.Ramlee house to talk for around half and hour or maybe nearly 1hour..haha.. felt like going for hiking at teluk bahang.. told them my planning and yeah we went! went home and dress up.. i brought 1st aid and drinks for them incase they fainted..haha.. carinn - u r a true girl guides.."be prepared" *sign..

took us around 30min to reach there.. carinn having hard time using the jungle road** able to reach cos i know the road very well..haha.. what u expect** i know teluk bahang road cos i used to go there every week when i was little..hehe^^ bring them to walk on the jetty that fishermen use to carry things to their ship.. force them to walk* they had lots of fun yet scary..LOL!.. start hiking..taking pictures..raining.. still move on and hike all the way eventhou its raining.. happy..laughter..enjoying.. wanted to fo for canopy walk but was close..damn** too bad then.. walk back..went to the with sand and water.. all of us were wet.. mixture of sweat and rain water..LOL!

i drive them to see the teluk bahang dam.. show them where's butterfly farm..went to anandas for dinner.. ordered fish,chicken,mutton and nun bread.. was very very nice!! enjoy our meal.. had beer too^^ kt called up and ask us for movie and yeah we join.. went back my home.. chiew ping has to go home.. we got plenty of time to get ready since movie starts at 11++ went to fetch crystal around 10.30pm. reach there play cards..LOL! hmm.. danniel and kok eu join us too.. the whole cinema not much people.. movie was NICE AND FUNNY! yet not logic..hahaha.. but still its cool..pic..


hmm..our journey's pic..

lol..those crazy girls..lift up their hands so high..yeah! thank GOD for the blessing..haha

i m asking them to jump..was imbalance.. chiew ping jump!

here goes carinn jump..LOL!!

view from the beach...

what r they doing??

on the other hand, i m so lonely!! sob sob T.T yeah..sitting alone by myself..

yet!! i m always happy..hahaha

u dont wan to know how i take this pic..jus in time i run to them and post then "cick cak".. LOL!

me and my girl.. both of us r wet..haha

the jetty that i force them to walk..adventure and fun but yet damn scary..

lol..the differences of the jetty...

chiew ping and me^^

my girl and me^^

trying to act cute..but i m not..

prove that we walk till the end of the scary jetty..haha

this one the camera is on the risk.. if happens the thing unstable the hp will jus drop into the sea..haha.. i like this pic alot..

me and my girl at teluk bahang dam...

cheer* at anandas.. wow! successful trip..hehe

movie of the day!! nice..

Thank God for the great plan..
i thought i will end up at home sleeping..
dint expect myself going through so many things..
was totally a blast! awesome!
Praise Lord for the day..hehe..
hmm..pray for H1N1..getting serious**
will be continue tomorrow..hopefully..
nite nite^^

P.S. i m sure the 2 girls will be having a good sleep tonight..LOL.. and me?? blogging..haha..

Friday, August 7, 2009

QuEeNsBay iNvAsIoN w/ aNne^^

Dont even ask me why i blog at 3am in the morning!! haha.. hmm.. if you(reader) read my FB's personal message will know i m going out with anne stephanie peterson yesterday..LOL!** we been planning this outing since last week. We wanted to over night at Rachel's house since everyone is having their holidays now but Rachel's family got plan and katherine need to work.. but then again nothing can stop us!!! i still go out with anne.. yeah.. eventhoug is just both of us but we enjoy alot..

woke up around 11am then on9.. i start to get ready around 1.30pm..haha.. i was suppose to pick her up around 2pm..yeah i m abit late then we head to gurney.. buy movie ticket.. watching proposal!! seriously its a very very nice movie..haha!! we both enjoy it alot.. there were few parts that me and her laughing all the way in the cinema and just only our voice!! LOL!* anne was like saying those people in cinema dont have the sense of

before movie, we went to hunt for dress.. went to few shops like mng,forever 21,esprit,padini,voir and lots more!!! we got nothing.. hmm.. anne like one of the dress in mna but was too expensive and the sales girl was not nice at us a very weird look n like wanting us to get out there..bahhh, maybe she is in a bad mood.. hmm.. went to dave deli to had lunch.. then rush to cinema was abit late.. the best part was i m laughing at anne in the toilet.. she is trying to take the tissue from the machine and she dont know how it works.. yeah, i m standing beside her and waiting for her to take the tissue then i can laugh at her *evil me..

hmm..after movie, went to forever 21 again.. went to buy the top that anne wan.. o yeah, we even tried few clothes jus to take pictures..LOL! we enjoy camwhoring.. after she bought her top, we thought of going to the beach there but too bad anne got to go..aww.. there is always nex time.. any way i really had a great time!! it was very awesome!! then i send her back to methodist church for her worship practice...

went home and change.. went to "pasar malam" with mom.. bought new bag!! LOVE IT! bought lots of food.. hmm.. was raining heavily and i was fetching my mom using motor.. LOL.. i was completely wet.. actually i m shivering while riding.. on my way back my mom was like saying to me " ehhh bahaya ok!! u tahu undang undang ar?? " LOL* cos i was using the other lane to avoid traffic and if happens got car in front i will be knock down.. sorry kinder sleepy now not going to explain more.. o really had a great day.. currently looking for a job!!! hehe.. is the pic of the day..

1st pic of the day...

anne bought me sundae cone..yeah!! she keep her promise..LOL!

our lunch time in dave deli..

the movie of the day..

i lov it alot!! the last part i even 1st i was laughing all the way.. hahah..nice movie..

me and anne..trying clothes.. camwhoring..LOL!

pictures with my car?? lol... i dont know why anne is so excited sitting my car..

yeahh.. now u know..she fell in lov with the car..LOL! hahaha..

a better pic of sweetie..

its me and my

last pic of the day!!!

i lov u!! hehe.. isnt she hawt and sweet?? i had lots of fun hanging out with u..its really awesome..God had bless both of us..

hmm..not much for now..
but will keep blogging..
hope i m not that lazy..haha..
any way is weekends again!
Thank God for the amazing week..
praise LORD for good sunday..
hmm..before i end.. i would lov to wish someone!!
happy birthday kenneth loh!!
my classmate..the top scorer.. haha..
thats all for now..
lov ya nite nite^^

mY LaSt dAy WoRKinG iN coNi CoCci

yeah u heard me!!! Thursday is my last day working in coni cocci. Mainly cos i thought i get to start college by nex week and work during PC fair but non of this plans work.. yeah! i wont be studying this year due to some problem which i m not going to tell.. wanna know why ask me personally!! seriously i hate it happen.. i m so stress out and pissed off.. but then God came to me and tell me he always got a better plan for me!!! o yeah, i dint work in PC fair cos the work doesnt suit me and i dont have friends..LOL!

1st of all thank God for the incredible job that i get.. yeah, u can see most of my time very relax and on9(the internet bad) but still i enjoy working there.. i know i mumble alot on my work!! haha.. honestly i did not apply for the job..i went to visit my friend at Coni cocci then she ask me to work cos no one will be working then the nex day i start my work.. sign** hmm..but still if she did not intro me to work then i will be sleeping at home for few months by now!! lol..enjoy pic^^

me and ling.. lol..she work in vinstella..

opps.. i kinder forget her name d.. another vinstella worker..LOL!

me and abang ros..i got no idea whats his real i m not mistaken.. he is padington manager!! he jus dont admit in front of me..i talk to him all times when i m bored..LOL! he will entertain me..

me and nurbella... she is one of the new worker and yeah she replace me!! she is a modern hawt LADY!! haha.. she speak chinese fluently.. yeah i know i m such a banana but i m learning now.. =p

another new friend i made.. er..not mistaken her name is sue may..haha.. sorry never had a official introduction at the 1st place..i like her^^

last but not least.. ah YING! hahaha.. she dont wan to take a pic with me.. so i took one of her pic..LOL!

at last.. few pics of me and her..haha..

the moon is nice..

GBU* love