Tuesday, October 28, 2008

LaSt dAy oF biBLe tUiTiOn =(

first of all.. I wanna thank my teacher for guiding us and helping us in bible knowledge(one of the subject i take in SPM).. our class only got 4 person including me(all girls).. we are very talkative and we talk non stop and sometimes teacher cant even stand us!! we can actually continue talking till our class end..LOL!! u know..girls talk..haha.. we R damn noisy!!!

well..today was our last lesson and we discuss bout our exam paper.. i study whole night for it and i do put effort on it but my results are very BAD!!! serious.. that week was my exam week and i did not attend my bible exam which is on Tuesday but i did in school after my last paper.. i m very disapointed at myself..hais.. but i wish i could do better in my SPM! hopefully..

so today was our last day and to our suprised there was a boy from chung ling come to join us!! he was very quite and did not mix with us and we are like talking non stop like those aunty in the pasar!! LOL! he went back early maybe he was left out and lonely..pity him!! but u r not out of God's Kingdom!! hehe...

we are having our great time talking and chatting... o yeah Katherine also give our teacher a bonquet of flower but she wrote our names..Aww..so sweet.. teacher also give us Ferrero Rocher chocolate(my favourite).. hehe.. ok..here are some pictures..

yup..the chocolates!!! LOL!

let me introduce..from left..Rachel Ho,Anne & Katherine.. there were eating chocolate..

me and Katherine from MGS..the HOLY girl..also known as drama Queen..LOL

me and Rachel Ho from CGL..she is my 1st friend in the tuition cos in the beginning is just both of us..

me and Anne!! LOL..i use to call her ItalianPortugalChinese girl..she is a mix..she is from SMK Dato Keramat

four of US..lol..i m not ready and very blur..

a picture with our special and beloved teacher!! WE LOVE U!!! with the flower..hehe

GOD BLESS all of US!! wish u all the best SPM!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

My dAy & g[i.r.l]s n(i)gHt ~!

This post suppose to be yesterday but i came back home too late and i m tired..is not too late to post right?? hehe..ok yesterday was my last science paper which is EST!!! i mean my 2nd trail exam.. after school i fetch crystal, yung wei and ryan go to prangin mall.. actually i and crystal plan to eat B&W and yung wei wants to buy something while ryan need to take bus home.. well ryan hang out with us before he went home.. after yung buy her stuff we go to search for B&W but it was close down!!..DAMN... we end up in sushi king.. i dont really like the place and servis.. i dont remember when i last come to that place..haha.. our place is like freaking hot and no one seem to serve us.. somehow we enjoy the food and jokes.. here are some pictures..

here is yung wei and ryan..looking at the menu

look at her!! she eat alot...

yup..is crystal..lovely little girl..

nice shoot.. of couse i m the one who took it!! haha.. he is trying to act cute..well he do look CUTE when he do like that..haha..

another picture of yung wei and ryan..

yung wei and ryan food..both of them share..

my food..of course i share with crystal..cos its too expensive!! LOL!

we went back around 3pm cos i got tuition.. so i drop ryan at the bus station.. i just cant stand crystal and yung wei arguing in the car! they are calling each other bitch!! hahaha.. of couse they dint argue or turn out something bad.. hmm.. i drop both of them at crystal's house cos her house is near to my tuition and i m rushing.. so i thought of fetching yung wei home later..

after tuition around 5 i went to crystal house.. here we go.. planning to go queensbay for a movie.. so i check out all the movies and mostly all starts at 9 something which is going to be late when we get home.. u know.. exam week yet we still out for a movie.. so we watch movie which starts at 7 something.. there are only 3 movies available around that time and the worst part is 18years old ABOVE!!! here comes MY IDEA!!! everyone wear high hills and something sexy and hot!! LOL!!!

me and yung wei force crystal to wear short skirt and high hills.. at the same time her parents came back and was like asking her where is she going!! they are suspicious cos she dont wear this outfit whenever she go out!! haha.. well in the end she get to come out and follow us..her mom was like "ok! enjoy urself girls" LOL.. i wonder my parents could say something like this..haha..

my turn!! i went home and take my bath.. both of them try to find something for me to wear.. end up i m wearing dress.. BLACK one! cos crystal is wearing black..luckily i get to escape.. i drop yung wei at her house and ask her to get ready while i m going to fetch cer yinn.. i told her to wear black skirt and high hills or something that which is HOT! LOL.. after i take her then we go to yung house to take her..

reach there 7.40 and movie start at 7.50.. our purpose wearing like this is to look mature so they will not check us when we go in!! we meet our friends(senior) when we buy our tickets.. she was like staring at us and tell us she can sell us the tickets but if we are caught then is troublesome.. i decided to take the risk cos our purpose is to watch to movie so we dont want to miss it..haha.. is like so dangerous when we go in..luckily the person dint stop us!! HAHAHA!!! how lucky we are..LOL!.. here are some pictures of us!

me and yung wei in the toilet..my friends thought someone kidnap us cos we take too long to go to toilet.. actually i and yung is taking pictures in the toilet..haha

lol..posting now!!

us AGAIN!!! LOl...

love this picture..although is blur..*sob sob

*near one* we dint put make up right!! haha

*bodoh bodoh and sukkie girl*

^ah girl & pipit^

++Yung Wei & Sook Koon++ opps..the thumb is blocking...

US again!!! hehe.. just cant blame..we love to take pictures..LOL

me and my girl friend..carinn..hehe

Yup all of US..from left carinn,daisy,vivien & crsytal

girls in black.. yeah!! girls night~!

our own post.. introducing from left freak girl, weirdo, pig girl, & nerdy...

after movie,we walk around the malls.. we realize everyone is staring at US!! WT~! EVERYONE.. we walk around for an hour just to figure out what to eat.. end up at o-town near sunshine..luckily they open till midnight..haha.. o yeah it starts to rain when we step inside the restaurant...we had our supper over there.. we talk and jokes.. we enjoy ourself and is the first time we hang out with crystal at night.. the worst part was everyone still looking at us when we are eating.. we faster chiao after we eat proberly around 11 something.. then i send all of them home.. my dad dint ask me when i get home! LOL!!!...

our drinks..the white coffee not really nice but i dont know why i will order it whenever i go o-town..haha

nasi redang! haha.. i introduce them one!!and now they are addicted to it..LOL..well is very nice..the toast is my food~! LOL..


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

mY WoRsT eXpeRienCe =.=

what week = suffering week!!! this week is my 2nd trail exam and everyday all science subject..is killing me!!! o well..still go on with it..RELAX!!! today is chemistry paper.. i mean all 3 papers in a day...

hmm..today my friend yung wei come to my house.. cos she got no transport to go home.. before sending her home, we went to ting ting house and talk..LOL!!! we talk till over time around 6pm.. my tuition starts at 5pm!! LOL... well i directly go for my dance class which is in bayan lepas.. after i drop yung wei, i almost knock a car!!! that AH PEK's fault...

on my to bayan lepas, i use the road in front Vistana Hotel.. at the end there got T-junction of course got traffic light.. i was like in the middle of the big road.. when i stop my car and wait i start to observe my clock in the car.. is like blinking and suddenly out of no where the clock just off so do my CAR!!! i was damn nervous.. i try to start my car enjin and it doenst work... WTH!!!

i try everything i can to start the car enjin.. THANK GOD i got my handphone which left RM1!!! if not i will be stuck forever..hahaha...i call my mom and ask her for help.. she is like oh ok.. then i start to beg her and ask her to safe me!! hahaha... luckily my dad is a mechanic!! too bad he went to Hong Kong for vacation *if my dad around the 1st person i call sure is HIM!!! i m gonna srew him!! LOL...he knew that my car got something wrong and yet is just to lazy to repair for me..wait till he come back i m gonna screw him kau kau *muahahah!! evil daughter..LOL!*.. so i talk to my brother and ask him to come..

i cant stand people keep horning at me.. they will just look at me with weird expression or fierce when they pass by..*sob sob..pity me.. in the end got a man come and help me to push my car aside..then i told him that my dad is coming so he left me.. i waited at least 30min for my dad's workers to come.. when they reach,they just cant stop laughing and teasing at me... ARGH!!! *will revenge ONE DAY! actually i know how to repair but i do not have the accessories so i leave it to them.. u know what!! they bring the car battery which is low!! in the end my car could not be start..*getting pissed off*

one of dad's worker, his name is ah hao stay with me and the other one,ah zhing went back and get another battery.. i spend my time reading newspaper and playing handphone in my car while waiting for ah zhing to come.. ah hao start to sleep inside my car...*yuck!! fine.. we waited at least 1 hour for him to REACH!!! WT~! so he bring a bigger battery to charge the battery in my car.. yup my car works now!!!

then ah hao fetch me using my car instead i drive home..guess what?? on our way back,the car suddenly off..OMG!!! ah zhing was in front of us and he just went off without us..*sob sob.. then ah hao called ah zhing to come back and restart..we waited another 20min for him to reach!! then he replace my car battery with my dad's car battery..LOL!! well ah zhing was driving my dad's car.. tell u what.. is very easy to steal my dad's car cos he do not have car keys..hahaha!!! he just do something to start and off his car without KEYS! lol...dont ask me how.. at last my car works but when it stops my car will automatik off but is able to start the enjin..at last.. *HOME SWEET HOME*

oh great.. i skip 2 tuition and dance class today!! *sob sob..i dont want to miss cos i lov my tuition..oh well at least i m safe!! cos there were lots of guys come to me and offer their help.. i just say my dad is coming..haha.. they might ask for money!! so ignore them...tomorrow i need to use my motor..haha..


Thursday, October 9, 2008

sTreSsFuL LifE

i think 32 days to go,.. for??

what m i doing now???
day and night sitting in front of computer...ARGH!! i need to get my ass of to start studying.. i m not working hard for it...i take it to easy..=(

well..actually i did my study earlier before raya holidays.. the more i study the worried i get.. cos i feel i still need to work harder than i thought!! i dont know anything.. is like sooo many things i havent study and i m worried this and that.. seriously i gone crazy and mad because i been thinking too much as i do my studies.. now i m lack of motivation and i lost my confident.. eventually i start to sit in front of my computer again.. i cant study or do my revision.. i got this fear thing that will distract me everyday..when i cant stand it i will just cry or get out of my house.. i m going crazy and mad.. i dont know how to calm myself down..

my dance exam is very near..proberly less than a month.. my teacher is worried bout me and keep asking me what had happen to me..if i do not do well in my dance this might affect my whole team.. i dont wan to disappointed them..i do have the passion to work hard on it and i tell myself i can get A for it.. well at least i m working on it now but still need a lot of improvement..

my 2nd trail is next week.. the 1st whole week is all my science paper.. on the 2nd week was normal paper as well as bible TOO!!! i took bible for my extra subject in my SPM so i got 11subjects in my SPM.. i hope that i can improve this time.. i just dont know how but somehow i just want to see BETTER results in this coming EXAM...now i need to get this fear out of my mind and calm myself..

*try to calm myself down and make myself study..not thinking too much but pray.. i believe GOD will guide me through this.. reading the word of GOD