Thursday, October 9, 2008

sTreSsFuL LifE

i think 32 days to go,.. for??

what m i doing now???
day and night sitting in front of computer...ARGH!! i need to get my ass of to start studying.. i m not working hard for it...i take it to easy..=(

well..actually i did my study earlier before raya holidays.. the more i study the worried i get.. cos i feel i still need to work harder than i thought!! i dont know anything.. is like sooo many things i havent study and i m worried this and that.. seriously i gone crazy and mad because i been thinking too much as i do my studies.. now i m lack of motivation and i lost my confident.. eventually i start to sit in front of my computer again.. i cant study or do my revision.. i got this fear thing that will distract me everyday..when i cant stand it i will just cry or get out of my house.. i m going crazy and mad.. i dont know how to calm myself down..

my dance exam is very near..proberly less than a month.. my teacher is worried bout me and keep asking me what had happen to me..if i do not do well in my dance this might affect my whole team.. i dont wan to disappointed them..i do have the passion to work hard on it and i tell myself i can get A for it.. well at least i m working on it now but still need a lot of improvement..

my 2nd trail is next week.. the 1st whole week is all my science paper.. on the 2nd week was normal paper as well as bible TOO!!! i took bible for my extra subject in my SPM so i got 11subjects in my SPM.. i hope that i can improve this time.. i just dont know how but somehow i just want to see BETTER results in this coming i need to get this fear out of my mind and calm myself..

*try to calm myself down and make myself study..not thinking too much but pray.. i believe GOD will guide me through this.. reading the word of GOD

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