Saturday, October 18, 2008

My dAy & g[i.r.l]s n(i)gHt ~!

This post suppose to be yesterday but i came back home too late and i m not too late to post right?? hehe..ok yesterday was my last science paper which is EST!!! i mean my 2nd trail exam.. after school i fetch crystal, yung wei and ryan go to prangin mall.. actually i and crystal plan to eat B&W and yung wei wants to buy something while ryan need to take bus home.. well ryan hang out with us before he went home.. after yung buy her stuff we go to search for B&W but it was close down!!..DAMN... we end up in sushi king.. i dont really like the place and servis.. i dont remember when i last come to that place..haha.. our place is like freaking hot and no one seem to serve us.. somehow we enjoy the food and jokes.. here are some pictures..

here is yung wei and ryan..looking at the menu

look at her!! she eat alot... crystal..lovely little girl..

nice shoot.. of couse i m the one who took it!! haha.. he is trying to act cute..well he do look CUTE when he do like that..haha..

another picture of yung wei and ryan..

yung wei and ryan food..both of them share..

my food..of course i share with crystal..cos its too expensive!! LOL!

we went back around 3pm cos i got tuition.. so i drop ryan at the bus station.. i just cant stand crystal and yung wei arguing in the car! they are calling each other bitch!! hahaha.. of couse they dint argue or turn out something bad.. hmm.. i drop both of them at crystal's house cos her house is near to my tuition and i m rushing.. so i thought of fetching yung wei home later..

after tuition around 5 i went to crystal house.. here we go.. planning to go queensbay for a movie.. so i check out all the movies and mostly all starts at 9 something which is going to be late when we get home.. u know.. exam week yet we still out for a movie.. so we watch movie which starts at 7 something.. there are only 3 movies available around that time and the worst part is 18years old ABOVE!!! here comes MY IDEA!!! everyone wear high hills and something sexy and hot!! LOL!!!

me and yung wei force crystal to wear short skirt and high hills.. at the same time her parents came back and was like asking her where is she going!! they are suspicious cos she dont wear this outfit whenever she go out!! haha.. well in the end she get to come out and follow us..her mom was like "ok! enjoy urself girls" LOL.. i wonder my parents could say something like this..haha..

my turn!! i went home and take my bath.. both of them try to find something for me to wear.. end up i m wearing dress.. BLACK one! cos crystal is wearing black..luckily i get to escape.. i drop yung wei at her house and ask her to get ready while i m going to fetch cer yinn.. i told her to wear black skirt and high hills or something that which is HOT! LOL.. after i take her then we go to yung house to take her..

reach there 7.40 and movie start at 7.50.. our purpose wearing like this is to look mature so they will not check us when we go in!! we meet our friends(senior) when we buy our tickets.. she was like staring at us and tell us she can sell us the tickets but if we are caught then is troublesome.. i decided to take the risk cos our purpose is to watch to movie so we dont want to miss it..haha.. is like so dangerous when we go in..luckily the person dint stop us!! HAHAHA!!! how lucky we are..LOL!.. here are some pictures of us!

me and yung wei in the friends thought someone kidnap us cos we take too long to go to toilet.. actually i and yung is taking pictures in the toilet..haha

lol..posting now!!

us AGAIN!!! LOl...

love this picture..although is blur..*sob sob

*near one* we dint put make up right!! haha

*bodoh bodoh and sukkie girl*

^ah girl & pipit^

++Yung Wei & Sook Koon++ opps..the thumb is blocking...

US again!!! hehe.. just cant blame..we love to take pictures..LOL

me and my girl friend..carinn..hehe

Yup all of US..from left carinn,daisy,vivien & crsytal

girls in black.. yeah!! girls night~!

our own post.. introducing from left freak girl, weirdo, pig girl, & nerdy...

after movie,we walk around the malls.. we realize everyone is staring at US!! WT~! EVERYONE.. we walk around for an hour just to figure out what to eat.. end up at o-town near sunshine..luckily they open till midnight..haha.. o yeah it starts to rain when we step inside the restaurant...we had our supper over there.. we talk and jokes.. we enjoy ourself and is the first time we hang out with crystal at night.. the worst part was everyone still looking at us when we are eating.. we faster chiao after we eat proberly around 11 something.. then i send all of them home.. my dad dint ask me when i get home! LOL!!!...

our drinks..the white coffee not really nice but i dont know why i will order it whenever i go o-town..haha

nasi redang! haha.. i introduce them one!!and now they are addicted to it..LOL..well is very nice..the toast is my food~! LOL..


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