Tuesday, October 28, 2008

LaSt dAy oF biBLe tUiTiOn =(

first of all.. I wanna thank my teacher for guiding us and helping us in bible knowledge(one of the subject i take in SPM).. our class only got 4 person including me(all girls).. we are very talkative and we talk non stop and sometimes teacher cant even stand us!! we can actually continue talking till our class end..LOL!! u know..girls talk..haha.. we R damn noisy!!!

well..today was our last lesson and we discuss bout our exam paper.. i study whole night for it and i do put effort on it but my results are very BAD!!! serious.. that week was my exam week and i did not attend my bible exam which is on Tuesday but i did in school after my last paper.. i m very disapointed at myself..hais.. but i wish i could do better in my SPM! hopefully..

so today was our last day and to our suprised there was a boy from chung ling come to join us!! he was very quite and did not mix with us and we are like talking non stop like those aunty in the pasar!! LOL! he went back early maybe he was left out and lonely..pity him!! but u r not out of God's Kingdom!! hehe...

we are having our great time talking and chatting... o yeah Katherine also give our teacher a bonquet of flower but she wrote our names..Aww..so sweet.. teacher also give us Ferrero Rocher chocolate(my favourite).. hehe.. ok..here are some pictures..

yup..the chocolates!!! LOL!

let me introduce..from left..Rachel Ho,Anne & Katherine.. there were eating chocolate..

me and Katherine from MGS..the HOLY girl..also known as drama Queen..LOL

me and Rachel Ho from CGL..she is my 1st friend in the tuition cos in the beginning is just both of us..

me and Anne!! LOL..i use to call her ItalianPortugalChinese girl..she is a mix..she is from SMK Dato Keramat

four of US..lol..i m not ready and very blur..

a picture with our special and beloved teacher!! WE LOVE U!!! with the flower..hehe

GOD BLESS all of US!! wish u all the best SPM!!!

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