Friday, November 7, 2008

tAo** jApaNesE FooD~

lol..i know i did not keep my promise and i lie!! i m not suppose to online until my SPM is over.. i on my computer just to download some songs(kenny G).. i love his songs a lot..hehe.. anyway back to my topic..

today went out to have my dinner with my teacher and yung wei.. my teacher thought of having dinner in TAO!!! she wanted to eat for a long time d too bad she cant find anyone to accompany her.. in the end she find me and yung wei(both big eater).. honestly specking.. i GAIN weight.. maybe i eat more than i exercise.. oppps.. well my teacher took us go because she knew we love Japanese food..

actually was a 'buffet' dinner.. i think probably around RM48 per person and order whatever you want..we order lots of things till we were extremely FULL!! i m like half dead after the dinner..LOL..too bad my friend got ulcer so she could not eat much..the total bill was like around RM140++ for 3 person! to my surprise, my teacher don't want us to pay.. *feel bad.. well she told us she treat us to motivate us in our SPM and repay her by getting lots of As'...anyway THANKS a lot.. i mean for everything..

then we had some discussion bout analysis on SPM paper in Starbucks.. o yeah.. we went to e-gate to have our dinner which is just behind my house.. we talk for about 2 hours then she send us home..cos she want to go for a LATE MOVIE!! without taking us..LOL!! anyway thanks for EVERYTHING TEACHER!! we LOVE u.. i got some pictures on the food..our picture is with yung wei so i could not post it..

look at the book of like so thick..

our drinks..i m taking hot green the angle of the picture..LOL but quality not that good cos using hp camera..


the sushi we order..not that bad..

1st round of buffect..LOL!..take all u want..

2nd round..opps might look same dish cos we love it..hahaha..they serve very small potion and is like not enough for us..LOL

look at the wall..BAMBOOs.. i use to cut those bamboo during camp..

the view of the restaurant..sorry i m too shy to walk around and take the picture.. that's all i guess...LOL

++thanks for the treat,teacher..SPM is just 3 days to go..and me?? online now..opps.. well wanna off to accompany my books..they MISS ME!! LOL..++


*hmm..actually i wanted to write a post on my dance exam which is held on last Monday but i do not have of the photo so i decided not to write..sorry!! if want to know bout my dance exam you can come and ask me.. i take BRONZE for my jazz..

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