Thursday, November 20, 2008

tiN3 TiNg, hApPy biR[thD]ay

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday to ting ting
happy birthday to you~!!!!

opps..sorry late post again.. yesterday was ting ting birthday and our gang(suppose to be 6 but end up 5 of us cos ching ying cant make it) hang out in Queensbay.. we could not celebrate or plan anything cos is SPM week~!!! haha.. so we just celebrate as usual but all of us were very happy and enjoy..hehe

hmm...honestly i was very angry yesterday cos they did not tel me what time they wanted to go to Queensbay and i need to fetch 2 of my friends.. so they woke me up at the wrong time cos i slept very late the night before.. hmm... woke up around 11am cos aunty came to my house and talk to me..while my aunty was talking to me my friends was like calling me and message me non-stop~!!!! ask me to get ready and fetch i was angry cos was not well planned..hais.. well just go on with the planning since was our gang birthday..i m not really angry just abit pissed but after some time i m fine with it..

they waited me for 3 hours!!! LOLLLLL... well need to talked to my aunty and get dress up.. it takes me 2hours to dress up..opps** i need to wait till my aunty went home only i can go out if not they will NAG ME~!!! my mom dont even NAG at me..hahaha.. ok ok... back to ting ting's birthday...went to fetch my friend at 2pm and directly go to Queensbay...

as usual watch movie..we watch Quantum of solace 007.. the movie was not that bad afterall.. enjoy lots^^ after movie we went to Johnny's steamboat to have our lunch actually tea time and dinner because all my friends did not take their lunch yet..we order set C which is 4 person for steamboat and we order extra side dishes since was 5 of us..

we had our great time eating together and talked.. o yeah wanted to apologise to ting ting that we did not buy any cake or sing birthday song for her..honestly the food was very expensive.. proberly around RM123.+++ hahaha.. cos i m broke..i been out of the house almost everyday and had my dinner outside so i m BROKE..LOL..

then we walk around the malls and did something very stupid(as usual).. after some time walking around i suddenly have this thought of taking them to somewhere.. just guess where is there?? Reflexology Spa...LOL~!!! actually i wanted them to go to fish area thinging.. err..not sure what that thing call..when u put your legs in the water then the fish will come and eat ur dead skin and dirty things..hahaha.. surprise that they actually had this thing in mall?? LOL.. all of them wanted to go so much and was very excited..they planned to come after SPM!! hahaha.. i introduce them cos is cheap.. student price is only RM19...

we went home around 8pm..and GREAT~!!! next day is chemistry paper!!!! and i did not even open the book for MONTHS d...THANK GOD i manage to do it...not all but OK i guess...hahaha..
here are some pictures...enjoy folks---->>>

the dish for the steamboat..actually was double..haha..

process of putting the food into the tom yam soup...yummyyyy...


my gang..from left : yung, jasa, ting ting(birthday girl) and carinn

me and birthday look of mine?? NO~!!!! i only pin my hair up cos my fringe are long and very irritating..hahaha...

SPM~!!! left 3 days...LOL..
i m gonna enjoy to the MAX~!!!!
need to suffer for 3 days.. then
i m gonna FLYYYYYYY~!!!
woooooo hooooooo.....
more post will be up if i have the time and activity^^


Anonymous said...

=.=' go Sleep NOW LAR!!!!!!!!

sook koon said...

buleck...u care ar???

Danes Ooi said...

hihi... oh wish her ting ting happy belated birthday...
btw if u all love to do fish spa, why not have a try CTY "foot spa"(Chew Thean Yang) beside new world park aquarium shop. go there and have a try... they newly build onli and for student price juz for RM18... go have a try... haha!!!