Friday, November 28, 2008

ceLeBraTioN oF LasT dAy sPM~!!!

Woooo Hoooo~!!! after 3 weeks of torture at last i m FREEE~!!!! haha...LOL.. anyway would like to take this opportunity to thank all my friends for their wishes to me during Seksa People's Mental exam..yup, GOD bless me throughout this whole exam.. honestly i did not prepared well and i been afraid to face the exam but GOD gave me the strength and guide me..yeah,thank GOD for everything~!!! hmm.. i will start on my experience throughout the exam.. DAMN~!!! the "pengawas" are not strict at ALL~!!! they always smile at us and even talk to us.. i can see people making so much noise when the paper is giving out.. i can even talk to my friend beside me.. my friend can even turn behind and talk to me~!! what THE~!!! haha... of course there is LIMIT~!! just make sure we dont do it odd and purposely..they will take action but so far NOOOOO...LOL

last paper end around 3.30.. o yeah we collect our magazine that day and the last paper all of us(my class 5sn,there is only one science class in our school which is only 28people) gather in the canteen and to get everyone signature on our magazine.. then all of us plan to go to domino pizza which is nearby our school.. well,there were only 3 cars which is me, john sen and chee keong.. all of us squeence in our car..LOL.. but some of them ride motor and some of them went back..

the worst part was when i drive out john's car was in front of me and i ask him to reverse.. then suddenly chee keong come from behind.. end up john's car hit chee keong's car..GOSH~!! well we settle down and had our discussing at domino pizza..not much just some scretches and the plate number was broken..damn~!!! pissed with chee keong..he just cant get over it..he just have to argue with john and ask him to pay the end we settle down and had our pizza..we take some pictures..before we went Back, we had group HUGS~!!! OMG~!! this is the BEST..i love u guy and going to miss u all..^^

lol..sign signature on magazine book..

lol..yung collecting money for the party~!!!

look at the situation when kena accident..

wooo hooo...PIZZA~!!! yummyyyy

lol..everyone smile at camera except danny..ARGH~!!

the girls..there are around 7 girls in our class only..haha

the indian guys...damn~!! although i HATE them i mean some but i still miss them..

then i drive yung, danny and crystal to prangin.. we went there to buy something.. John Sen call us asking if we want to join them for movie around 7.25pm. GREAT!!! we rush like hell and i need to fetch them but in the end i only fetch crystal..anyway danny and yung wei very very very SORRY YA~!!! too rush... we are late for movie around 20min late.. to my surprise, the whole row was our gang(around 14) COOL~!!! i never went out with so many people before.. i mean own classmates..haha..

after movie,we went to dave deli..O GREAT~!! is close.. most of the restaurant in Queensbay are not closing..LOL.. we discuss in the middle of people's ROAD for an hour where to eat..haha.. end up we ate at kayu near vistana.. hmm..lots of people over there.. we had lots of fun talking and hang out over there..we went back around 12 something.. i need to drop ryan back which stay till tanjung bunga..haha.. reach home around 2am~!!! again so LATE..haha

cik.furziah join us too..beside her was jun heong and danny.. the person eatin roti canai is li ji..haha

from left su liang, john sen(the top student), ryan and jin aun( he got 100 marks for add math twice..damn~!!!)

next table.. from left is kitt mun, keat tatt,me and yung..PLAYING my laptop..LOL

i m gonna miss my school, my friend, my class, my teachers and EVERYTHING!!! sob sob^^ time passes so fast and now i m gonna leave the school..i feel bless to know each one of u.. well, althought there are bad moment but they are meant for experience.. GOD, thank you for everything..i miss u and love you guys...o yeah~!! do keep in touch and we shall meet after 10 years..LOL~!! haha.. LET START the PARTY~!!!! stay up for the post bout parties..hehe..

-i love my classmates-
-i love school-
-i love my friend-


Hara Kazuma said...

A Mix Emotion Day... Where we all rejoices for the end of our life's stepping stone examination, and where we all sobbed as we are going to separate & get on with our ambitions... I do hope we don't have to gone through this stage of life, but it seems that it's an unavoidable stage of life... May God Bless All Of 5Science1 Class students. Amen'

sook koon said...

Amen..hais..sooo sad..