Saturday, November 15, 2008

GroUp sTudY ^^

this post was suppose to be yesterday! due to some error i could not write anything and my connection was down!! damn! i hate streamyx now..LOL! anyway back to my post is about group study in Rachel's house.. I pick up Anne at her house around 2.30 and went to Rachel's house in Tanjung Bunga!! its like soooo FAR!!! ok.. we are suppose to study bible knowledge cos we got that paper on Monday. we had lots of fun.. honestly telling we did not study anything at ALL! we end up talking non-stop, taking pictures, playing handphone, hoping around the house and EAT! LOL!!! its amazing that we actually can gather and talk so much.. i mean all of us from different school and yet we can share and talk like no one cares..too bad Katherine(holly girl) is not around cos she went to the youth at SP and came back late evening.. o yeah Rachel's house is like a palace!! seriously is like so BIG but empty cos she had move to a BIG BANGALOW!! lol... around 6 we went down to the swimming area to wait for Katherine end up she did not come cos she is still so far..

then we decided to go to the beach behind the crown prince hotel(close down for few months d).. when i park around the house area there were few indian guys try to ask for money!! DAMMIT! parking for RM3 without resits!! we were pissed and end up went to some hotel which had free parking.. then we went to had our dinner at Indian restaurant( i think).. LOL! the chicken was very are some pictures..LOL!

just look at Rachel's art work!! she drew the wrapping paper! its so nice and amazing!! no wonder she won 'little miss talented' in her school!! girl, u r so talented!!

look at Anne's mp3!! so damn cute and i love it so MUCH!! i m gonna get one of it one day when i got MONEY! lol..

me,anne and rachel..we r in the lift..looks like a hotel lift!!..LOL!

at swmming pool..haha.. not sure what Rachel doing..LOL!

both of us..she looks HOT!!

we flyyyyyyy...opps* SPM is not over yet!

Rachel(CGL) and Anne(CDK)..

we look so short in the WATER!

little pretty talented Rachel...

cuttie sweetie Anne

silly ME!!

all of us..opps**

both of them..

at the beach..its kinder DARK! Anne and Rachel..

me and Anne..

Rachel and me..why i look so dumb??

LOL!!! names..sook



combination of all the names!! Sook koon(SK),Anne Peterson(AP),Rachel Ho(RH)

the indian restaurant..

my meal!! its SO NICE!!!

the butter chicken is nice..hahaha...

+goodluck in your exam,girls+

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