Friday, June 22, 2012

Unsuccessful surprise! & Face photo

wassup people! as I m back again! woohooo! =)

Anyway I m back with something! Last 2 days, bernard invite us*our gang* to Queensbay for MAKAN!
I just dont know why its not a regular thing to hang out and makan unless something is up or plan! All of us were very suspicious why is he inviting us for a lunch. Most of us knew that WAYN is back! just somehow in our mind and the feeling is there that he will be back! ok.. so we went to Queens and met up with them. True enough that Wayn is back! haha.. we were so happy and glad to see him! Spent some time with him! had our lunch and chit chat. As usual, we plan our party! havent set the date but yes MORE PARTY!!

had our lunch at Dave Deli.. the signature dish!
olive oil pasta! the potion slightly big.
lamb chop. i think.. not bad..
chicken chop.. fries was good!
Gift from Wayn =) chocolate.. for all of us
our big group! missing darren and shze mei will be the photographer.. he dint change at all!..

anyway thats for the gathering! on the nex day we had our photo shoot for our interview. Everyone need to wear semi formal.. our lecture say our class have a better looking guys compare to the other class! looks like most lectures give a good comment to our class as our badge our course had 2 classes cos we r big group and we always fight for good result and impression! haha.. comparing to the other class the next had more hard working students but our results are for some reasons...anyway check out!

Darren in action! basically we have to take passport photo wearing formal..
*dou san* Ivan act cool having 2 assistant behind him!
The boys.. lecturer taking picture
Sue & ah bee smile before taking picture
he make sure everyone look good! LOLX
ah ray with ah bee teeth! 
after taking picture =)
Following would be our pictures eating chocolate Wayn gave... We ate in class cos Darren did not come the other day. Picture to show Wayn everyone loves the chocolate =)

nerd... trying to smile... mashmellow too sticky =(
trying to fed Jason
happy sue smiling eating... actually the chocolate mash mellow was not really nice but we like the nuts. haha
DARREN! tam chiak!
Took the biggest pieces!
ME! thanks wayn!
o.O chocolate commercial in action!
end my day with a smile! really tiring day as whole day class wearing formal.. tired!
All the pictures were edited. Any improvement on the pictures? I m trying to make it more contrast. thanks Wayn for the chocolate! hope to see u soon readers! Ariosssss


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Photo shooting day!

I got so many friends been asking me since when I go for photoshooting and how I was involve in this! hey! dont over react when some people try to go for this kind of activity. Its not a big deal! I got this photo shooting for my 21st birthday. I just feel like I want to do this for once I want to see what I can be and be someone! well friend was a freelance photographer and I got this for free. Big thank to my brother, SK! sweat and time taking pictures of me! hahah... Got up real early like 7am and head down to studio for make up!. gosh! 1h n half of make up and hairdo! Almost fall asleep...

Me getting ready! yeah! thick make up and curly hair.. 
1st shot! at cemetery.. well, I m there for scenery not the grave!
Friend was asking me to feel the connection of nature..haha!  there were lots of BIG ANTS!  only place my hand for   5sec.. enough time for the time to crawl on ME! 
at the entrance. Like this shot but I look very OLD =( 
I was facing the other way and the wind blow makes me look like I m pregnant!  really!  and I got a shot of that! haha.. Friend ask me turn the other side where wind blow at least I dont like fat..lolx
amazed by the big door and the decorative flora.. but my post was not really good. I got so many people staring! stress out! =(
At E&O hotel.. we love the background of the cloud. Obviously was edited cos the actual photo I m  very dark. Not enough lighting but too much of me glowing! 
next place was youth park. He ask me to give an English look  enjoying the view!  I dont know what expression I gave him..haha
A post that actually look at the camera. trying to smile and post.hehe
We spot the "natural spotlight" so he ask me to climb up and start to post.
After our lunch time. Down town at beach street. trying to post with the pillar.  hehe
After photo shooting.. really exhausting and tired.. Fall asleep in the studio too..

all those photos were just half of it. Wait til I got all then i try to post it =) Just realize its not easy at all becoming a model and I m having hard time thinking post and very stress.. Friend keep remind me I m only the eye of camera's lens.. After awhile I was ok with it.haha.. Got really good feedback from friends too! some even call me up and send me a msg was a really good photo. Most of them like the outcome. Thanks a lot thou..  anyway that's all for today! I hope more will be up.. hehe


Darren birthday Present

hey..not to miss out! Darren's present! We did not celebrate darren's birthday cos it was on holidays and most of them went back to their hometown. We decided to share money to get him a present. Run out of idea so we just buy cute underwear! hahah.. show u!

Superman underwear and singlet! 
opps.. I forgot to rotate before I upload. Its just the card.hehe
Inside! lolx.. everyone share for the present! 
U know that they do? they decided to stick the receipt in front of the present to show  how much  we spend! cos we don't want to throw away! their idea!
on the other side I wrap it nice and properly..=p hahah...

God Bless

21st Nicole Birthday

Hey people, Upon request from my friends on update! here you are... =) Sorry for not consistency.. I cant get my pictures upload dont know why... I m still using HTML instead of the compose. Whenever I use the compose the pictures will go oversize and I can only see half of the picture size at my blog.. sometimes got fed up uploading pictures..haha.. back to it!..

Celebrating my friend, Nicole 21st birthday. I got so many people asking me how I get so close with her and seriously I dont know how. Basically we hang out and go for karaoke most of the time. Started back there when we went out for dinner on Valentine. Yeap, if you still still remember we both have dinner together on Valentine since I want to have pleasant dinner with a girl. We went out last Saturday for karaoke and I surprise her with a birthday cake. It was a last minute plan but we enjoy ourselves! check out the pictures!

Nicole with the surprise face! =) happy 21st birthday!
making her wish... of course she wish him to be back in Malaysia..haha
Blow the candle 
culture way! picking up candle using mouth but not able  to get cream on  her face!  too bad
Smilling face with her cake
birthday cake
end with picture of both of us! 

Happy 21st birthday Nicole! hope u have a great time and happy all times!

 God Bless!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lady Antebellum - Just A Kiss

Sorry for not updating.. i got lazy again... guess i dont wan make a promise anymore. haha.. anyway hope this song make your day. lovely song. love it lots =)

pray for my country! news reported tsunami strike at 9++ which is like 10mins from now! haha.. and i m here blogging! cool XD see yea!

God bless

Monday, February 20, 2012

Gift On Valentine

hello people!

Here I m again to show you some pictures on what my college SRC society did for Valentine. There were posters up everywhere on the school wall and homepage in FB about Valentine. The idea was couple suppose to wear same shirt/same colour on that day so we are able to sign up for Valentine lucky draw! Some of the students were involved only and never expect we were in toooooo! Well, Sue and Chai ying wore the same shirt that day and one of society member asked them to sign up for free lucky draw. The event held during lunch time. Most of my classmates went to support them. When we were there our lecturer keep asking us to find whoever wore same shirt then just sign up for lucky draw since not much participant. They even accept whoever had the same item. Here were the pictures during event.

This is how it works. One person shake the box another person take the lucky draw =)

Sue & Chai Ying

Jason & Sue

Me ans Sue =)

not to forget the gay partner. Bernard and Jason

After few days posters of participant were up!
Everyone start to laugh whenever they see their face on the poster.. lolx..Non of us win thou.. All we got was chocolate as you can see in the pictures. Worst part the bling bling in the pounch was falling off =(
pouch of CHOCOLATES for Valentine *love*

Here were the photos of all participant. Those with stars were the winner! 

Chai ying and Sue with same t-shirt "I love Haytai" such coincidence both wore the same shirt ..haha

Iou Lin Jason*shawty*.. HAHA!  same colour shirt for the day.. 

Iou Lin & Shaung Ping.. with their same spec! Black frame 

Did I left out myself? nope! Me and Bernard.. same item *iphone* just to get free chocolate!

Thats all for today! once and for all.. Valentine post is over..haha! whole week been talking bout "love day" Will keep updates! =) love u people! 

God Bless