Tuesday, June 5, 2012

21st Nicole Birthday

Hey people, Upon request from my friends on update! here you are... =) Sorry for not consistency.. I cant get my pictures upload dont know why... I m still using HTML instead of the compose. Whenever I use the compose the pictures will go oversize and I can only see half of the picture size at my blog.. sometimes got fed up uploading pictures..haha.. back to it!..

Celebrating my friend, Nicole 21st birthday. I got so many people asking me how I get so close with her and seriously I dont know how. Basically we hang out and go for karaoke most of the time. Started back there when we went out for dinner on Valentine. Yeap, if you still still remember we both have dinner together on Valentine since I want to have pleasant dinner with a girl. We went out last Saturday for karaoke and I surprise her with a birthday cake. It was a last minute plan but we enjoy ourselves! check out the pictures!

Nicole with the surprise face! =) happy 21st birthday!
making her wish... of course she wish him to be back in Malaysia..haha
Blow the candle 
culture way! picking up candle using mouth but not able  to get cream on  her face!  too bad
Smilling face with her cake
birthday cake
end with picture of both of us! 

Happy 21st birthday Nicole! hope u have a great time and happy all times!

 God Bless!

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