Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Photo shooting day!

I got so many friends been asking me since when I go for photoshooting and how I was involve in this! hey! dont over react when some people try to go for this kind of activity. Its not a big deal! I got this photo shooting for my 21st birthday. I just feel like I want to do this for once I want to see what I can be and be someone! well friend was a freelance photographer and I got this for free. Big thank to my brother, SK! sweat and time taking pictures of me! hahah... Got up real early like 7am and head down to studio for make up!. gosh! 1h n half of make up and hairdo! Almost fall asleep...

Me getting ready! yeah! thick make up and curly hair.. 
1st shot! at cemetery.. well, I m there for scenery not the grave!
Friend was asking me to feel the connection of nature..haha!  there were lots of BIG ANTS!  only place my hand for   5sec.. enough time for the time to crawl on ME! 
at the entrance. Like this shot but I look very OLD =( 
I was facing the other way and the wind blow makes me look like I m pregnant!  really!  and I got a shot of that! haha.. Friend ask me turn the other side where wind blow at least I dont like fat..lolx
amazed by the big door and the decorative flora.. but my post was not really good. I got so many people staring! stress out! =(
At E&O hotel.. we love the background of the cloud. Obviously was edited cos the actual photo I m  very dark. Not enough lighting but too much of me glowing! 
next place was youth park. He ask me to give an English look  enjoying the view!  I dont know what expression I gave him..haha
A post that actually look at the camera. trying to smile and post.hehe
We spot the "natural spotlight" so he ask me to climb up and start to post.
After our lunch time. Down town at beach street. trying to post with the pillar.  hehe
After photo shooting.. really exhausting and tired.. Fall asleep in the studio too..

all those photos were just half of it. Wait til I got all then i try to post it =) Just realize its not easy at all becoming a model and I m having hard time thinking post and very stress.. Friend keep remind me I m only the eye of camera's lens.. After awhile I was ok with it.haha.. Got really good feedback from friends too! some even call me up and send me a msg was a really good photo. Most of them like the outcome. Thanks a lot thou..  anyway that's all for today! I hope more will be up.. hehe



Danes Ooi said...


i like all the pictures except the first one... hahaha... nice shot...

Koei Babyangel said...

1st picture photo shoot mah =(
thank u!