Monday, February 23, 2009

mOnDay WiTh cRysTaL

Just a short post to keep me awake from work.. yesterday came back work then bring mom to indian temple..then came back bath and stuff.. i decided to go out since i m BORED at home.. called crystal up..once i called her at night then she know i m very very suspicious.. usually we hang out at night and i m the one who always come out with ideas and ajak her..LOL~!! as usual as she unswer my call.. 1st thing came out from her "so what you want??" hahaha...GOSH~!!
dress up..i love the SHIRT that i m wearing..well,its just comfortable.. and short pants.. i bring along my laptop and stuff..picked her up around 9++ went to greenlane mcd..ARGH~! no parking.. head to gurney starbuck..hehe.. so i intro her to watch russell peters..she was like LHAO~!!! LOL.. luckily there were no people in starbuck except the workers cos i put the highest volume.. yeah.. everytime that guy make jokes all the *F* word will come out.. LOL~!!! the worker will see what we doing when they passed by.. went off around 11++ was going to hunt for hawker food but was raining.. end up we bought rojak... i drive to greenlane mcd and find a parking under the lights..starts to eat our rojak and play cards..LOL~!!! having our great time over there..i even accidentally poke her finger when eating rojak~!!! DAMN~!.. i m rough.. haha..
pics up...

lol..we both finish half of it d..the rojak was good but expensive..hmm..what u expect?? we went to the hawker food beside gurney which so called killing tourist place..HAHAHA~!! once in a while doesnt hurt so least was good..

me and crystal..hehe.. those were the rain shadow..not our pimples!!!

thats for now folks...tata^^

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