Saturday, February 14, 2009

vALenTine^^ i lov u,joe

BAH~!! talking bout valentine i never ever celebrate or even had a valentine before.. LOL~!!! yeah i know lots of guys and got few ex back then but i never celebrate before.. hmm.. so this year something different.. i got valentine?? NOPE~!! i received something from my bf..haha.. i been with my bf for about 3years and we did not celebrate any special events before like valentine, birthday or anything..weird rite?? basically cos we are always far apart.. hmm... like last time when we got into relationship he went back to KL for a year to study form5 then he came back to penang after SPM.. after half year, he went to US for further study.. yeah... we never celebrate..hahaha..
this year actually we plan to date.. of course in msn but with web camp.. HAHAHA~!! weird right?? what to do..having a far distance relationship u just have to bare with it.. so he asked me to meet him around 8pm on friday which is like around 4am over his place.. i was working on that day then i went out for dinner with danny, jun heong and keat tatt(classmates) cos they had dinner nearby my house.. came back abit late which like gonna be 8.30pm.. rushing to open my laptop and online.. i was damn nervous that he was not around..i tried to call him few times but could not get through..u know calls barely get through.. at least he was able to call me up and talked to me a while then he went off and say he got more important call coming in.. *was abit upset*
after a while, joshua(my bf's friend) call me.. he asked me to come out cos he wanted to pass my something which my bf asked him to pass..he was like outside my house~!! LOL~!! OK... as i walked towards his car, he came out with a bouquet of flowers..i was so surprised.. seriously unexpected~!! then another friend came out from his car.. he was like asking some questions and i just dont really know how to answer..he took my picture so he could send to my bf.. i look ugly but...neh~! i dont mind...was so happy till i went speechless.. of course i thank them alot..haha
after they went off, i called my bf and that was the only 1st time i called him and it get through.. i was yelling on the phone~! LOL~!!! he just wish me happy valentine day and laugh all the way.. we just talked for a while.. hmm..doesn't spend much calling him i think i will call him often from now..haha..
then we continue our conversation in msn.. whats the most touching is that he actually find out all the meanings of the flowers and the colours of the decoration around..then he just think on how to arrange it and stuff.. haha..well from what i know.. usually guys just buy depending on budget..haha.. although my bf is hard but he put effort on doing something for me.. thanks alot darling^^ although he is not satisfied on the arrangement and stuff but it still meant alot to me... this is the 1st time in my life receiving flowers from guy..dear,i love u~!!! honestly the card meant more than the flower to me.. the words were truly from his heart and i actually cried after reading it..*happy tears* love u lots..THANKS DARLING** I LOVE YOU~!!! JOSEPH~!!

yup..the flower from my darling..hehe

the card is very nice..*not going to show the content* LOL~!!!

darling,the rose got bloom la.k.. haha.. it means i love you..haha

its me and the flower..sorry,could not smile wider cos just cried..hahaha...

anyway back to my story.. i went out with my gf on valentine day..haha.. dont worry we did not attend any bachelor party..haha.. hmm.. still till now i dont have a valentine on valentine day..haha..o well, gf still consider my love..haha.. carinn and yung came to my house around 8pm.. went to get ready.. went to gurney and was traffic jam but we manage to find a parking nearby and we dont have to stuck on the traffic.. 1st of all we went to cold storage to get something.. i went to get lots of things... my friends was like "oh,now train to become house wife d after spending sometimes with your bf"..LOL~!! haha.. fine.. i jus went around and get what i wan.. honestly i take anything i wan and i dont even care bout my budget.. i spend around 90++ for what i had BOUGHT~!! LOL...
then went to carinn's car and put my stuff.. as usual went to arcade and play games.. then we went down to hunt for hawker food nearby.. yung even bought a flower for her mom..LOL~!! she was like asking me is it wrong to buy flower for mom..haha.. its to express love doesnt mean must only buy for bf my dear..u can buy for anyone you love..haha.. there were stalls along the road.. selling flowers and bears and stuff.. i came across this uncle sitting on the floor selling firecrackers.. after talking with him, i felt pity towards him.. he was having a hard time talking also.. then i decided to buy some firecrackers from him..he even gave me extra and free one packet..i went speechless but he just put everything in the plastic bag so i just took from him.. he even gave a lighter...*sob sob* its like..he so nice.. i really pity him...
me and gf playing firecrackers at the beach.. u know..the gurney drive..haha.. everyone was like looking and staring at us..having so much fun..LOL~!!! its so crazy.. i was afraid to light up the crackers so i took a paper and burn it.. when got flames, i faster put the firecrackers near to light huh..LOL~!!! we manage to play all except one left cos the starter was to inside and i was afraid to light up..hahaha~!! we just throw everything away..LOL..
the best part was there were flames between the rocks.. i meant it caught fire..hahaha~!! luckily got coke~!! i even use coke to clean up our seat..hahaha.. my friend was like "u r one crazy girl".. LOL~!!! i could not find so much liquid than coke..hahaha..then i decided to return the lighter to the uncle since i m not using it anymore.. i went to buy some food for the uncle too.. haha.. i bought shark fin soup and fruits for the uncle.. he was like so happy and thank us..he even wish us happy valentine day..aww.. how sweet..hehe.. pity him alot..
walked q a distance to get our car..cos the mall is close so need to walk through basement and stuff..hahha.. reach home around 1something..LOL~!!! ok..thats how i spend my valentine day this year..haha.. well, happy valentine day to everyone~!! especially to my darling.. i love you alot..hehe..

PS. i love you,Joe^^


Death Legion said...

Took a while for me to read it...
happy that u liked it....still thou i wish i could be there spending time with u for the whole day....but i guess your friends will do for now :)

sook koon said...

hmph... make sure nex time you will be my valentine... i really miss u~!!