Sunday, February 22, 2009

mY wEeK n dEdiCatiOn 2 JeShuA ^^

hi readers~!!! guess what?? this whole week i been sleeping for less than 5hours~!! go to work came back then hang out till 12something...go on and on and on for 5 days~!! AT LAST~!! my panda eyes come out d the last day..LOL..haha.. so i decided to sleep to the MAX on saturday.. hmm.. yeah i SLEPT for 12hours..MUAHAHAHA~!! lol.. that was like the best sleep..haha.. on saturday i woke up around 4++ then get ready and fetch yung to school to pay a visit on scout annual camp which is kemporee..haha.. we went to get our tea time(mcd) and went to car wash before we went to visit them... reach there around 5pm.. walked around and talked with juniors and stuff..YEAH~! as usual..walked around for 20mins then off we go..
i went to fetch crystal cos she wanted to join me to send jeshua off after my dance class.. i was rushing cos i scared i m late for my dance.. reached there jus in time..hahah~!! having lots of fun dancing as well very tired..hmm..nowadays not much people but still we had lots of fun..that teacher always bully me but he is a GREAT teacher..hehe..
then yin yee followed me to airport too.. reached there..lots of friends and relative.. i was like looking at jeshua cos he told me "come la sook koon,no one send me off...i very lonely".. ARGH~!! its jus i m kinder shy..haha.. atleast i know some people over there and crystal was by my side all along..hehe.. then we went to buy mcd.. just join in their big group and talked.. we had great time talking..well,jeshua was busy with his relatives and stuff but still he would come once in a while to talk with us..yeah..he is a great due..
ok..i would love to talk abit bout my friend,jeshua.. i still remember how i know him..LOL~!! that time i was form1 and i went to kemporee and he was my PL(patrol leader)..i was under him.. u know? in a camp..hahah..then we started to talk and stuff.. we r not close but still we do share things and problems..he is my senior cos we both were in prefect's board and cf(christian fellowship).. during his year on taking over cf, he always stressed out and need to plan things all time..he had became our cf president when he was f4 cos there were no cf members after elsie's year..during his year there were only few members(around 3).. he really commit himself on cf.. no matter how busy he is,he will make sure there were activities going on in cf..YEAH~!! he is a great leader and a good role model.. well, usually i would helped him out.. i m having the same problem with year there were only 3people and i m the only usual members.. he choose me to be the president although i had just became a christian.. he helped me out and even talked to me..he pray for me and tell me his experience.. we were very proud cos we could see our cf is growing~!! AMEN~!! hmm..well jus go and hav a look at our cf now..its growing.. compared to last time there were not even!! more than 20++ wow~!!! GOD IS GREAT~!!
would like to take this apportunity to thank Jeshua for his helped and guide me..
i m happy that i could send him off..yeah~! well,all the best and do TAKE CARE~!! God bless..

pic of jeshua..i could not find any pic..i think this is the best..haha

PS. i did not received the pic i took with him in airport yet so this pic will do for now..hehe

after sending jeshua off, i send yin yee home then went to visit yung wei.. we wanted to go gurney to eat hawker food but was raining end up go school..BAH~!! again problems bout girls overnight in camp(1st time happen in history) and was caught by teacher.. there were like discussing..hmm.. i need to get abit involve to settle down..try to tell teachers..i guess..hopefully it doesnt affect any of the scout and guides...went to find cik.fuz since she did not unswer my call..end up she slept d..then i called joe up(saje kacau him)..MUAHAHAH~!! =P talked to him for an hour and crystal was beside me laughing non stop.. after that went to greenlane mcd to play cards..YUP~! 3times MCD in a DAY~!! I M GONNA GAIN WEIGHT~!!! ARGHHHHHH..
went back sleep around 5++ .. i woke up around 1pm cos of SOMEONE~!! yeah..joe trying to take his revenge..calling me to wake me up..talked to me so i can get excited..*angry u*
then went off for nasi kandar around 5 with cik.fuz and told her what happen yesterday.. then went to fing yung cos we wanted to go school but finish so fast..hmm...end up in gurney..SHOPPING~!! neh, we dint buy much cos out of cash..she force me to buy a dress~!! ARGH~!! she paid for me..i was LIKE ARGH~!! HOIIII... no money return u la..she just show her evil laugh all the way..anyway THANKS~!!! hehe..
then went back to my house..we were suppose to go Queensbay cos yung mom wanted to go but end up my dad came back late..i need to take dinner if i wan go out..yung joined me for dinner and she was enjoying eating the fish that my dad caught..i was LIKE~! cool..hahaha.. cos i dont really since young..LOL~!! we went out around 9something nearly 10 and Queensbay close at 10.30.. we went tesco..hehe.. buy groceries and some stuff..haha..she taught me lots of things..i mean HOW TO BECOME A WIFE~!! hahaha...we had our great time buying those..LOL~!..ok..thats the end for now since is been a while i blog..hmm.. bye folks.. up coming post will be sasa birthday~!! hehe..LOVE YA..

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