Tuesday, March 3, 2009

OMG~!! tHis iS sO EmBArraSsInG

i promise jasa and ching not to tell anyone but who cares~!! LOL~!! yesterday i went to find ching ying and jasa to go to fing ting's mom cos they wanna something..not so sure whats that.. at 1st i refuse to fetch ching cos was angry with her.. hmm got one time she ask me to fetch her home and i told her i might take a while since she say anytime but the moment i close the hp she keep messaging me what time will i come this and that til i so pissed off and scolded her i will not fetch u.. since she is my close friend i just forget bout it..so yesterday night around 8 went to fetch her..

i reach her place around 8.20pm and called her.. before i came i already msg her asked her to come out in 15min~!! reached there in front of her guard house for few minutes..since she is going to come out late then i thought of parking my car opposite so i wont blocked the in front of the main gate..i could find a parking directly opposite her guard house..i waited her for 15min and i almost pissed off~!! NVM~!!! wait... at last saw her running out and she was looking everywhere for my car..i switch on my car engine and wave at her i thought she saw me..guess what she did?? she went to some one's car which looks like mine.. the car belongs to the malay aunty selling food by the road side..the stall was jus beside her car.. ching went to knock the window and open the door and she realize no one was in the car..the malay aunty was surprised.. i saw everything~!! i was laughing my ass off non-stop..i was suppose to be mad at her now i m laughing non-stop.. she faster apologise to the aunty and faster went into my car...LOL~!!

went off to find jasa.. since ting's mom not yet came back yet so we went to jasa house for a while.. guess what??? i saw whole bunch of people and cars outside waiting outside one of the house..i thought something happen..1st thing come into my mind was robbery.. i parked my car and i asked ching to follow me go there and have a look see whats happening..we dont dare to ask what happen so we went off to find jasa..i asked her what happen she said she not sure.. we went down to super tanker to had my dinner.. then i showed her thats the house that was crowded with people jus now.. right after i tell her she laugh non stop..the only word she answer me is "TUITION"~!!! hahaha.. me and ching was laughing non stop..LOL~!!

went to super tanker cos i was hungry.. the person who serve us asked jasa why she come again..lol..cos just before i came she went to had dinner at super tanker.. then everyone was like staring at her..she was like asking me to eat faster..haha.. she swear that she wont wanna come super tanker and eat..haha.. and i swear that wont happen..cos super tanker is the most biggest and nearest hawker food...LOL~!!!

then went to fill petrol at the nearby petrol station.. ching called thing's mom and asked her where is she..i talked to the aunty cos i m the driver..haha.. she was nearby somewhere but to get there i need to go through the huge round about.. in the round about there were around 3traffics light.. at the last traffic light, ching saw a guy which looks like david(their classmate and my friend) beside jasa.. that guy was sitting behind and was looking in front.. once jasa saw that guy,she thought he was david.. jasa started to knock the window and wave at him..everyone was exited..i thought he was david too so i asked jasa to sroll down the window so we can wave at him...before we lower the window that guy turn over and looked at us..WE GOT THE WRONG GUY~!!! HAHHHAHHAHHA~!!! jasa faster turn over and cover herself and i laughing non stop same goes to that guy.. that guy was like laughing at us..GOSH~!! this is so embarrassing man... well, before the traffic lights turn to green i manage to wave at the guy to say sorry..the guy could not stop laughing at us..then jasa asked me to drive faster...haha..LOL~!!!

i guess thats the end of it..right after ching pass ting's mom something we went off to ching's house and talked for an hour then i send jasa home..haha..lol.. back to my work..bye++

cer n yung do read this post~!!
ting i will tell u when u get back..
lol..sa and ching gonna kill me..haha

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