Sunday, March 15, 2009

sPm rEsULt dAy..

yeah... SPM result has come out..hmm.. as i expected.. i meant my result..not that good but still i m satisfied cos i did not study well and i dont have a proper plan for my studies.. expecting some bad grades.. well, at least i manage to pass everything and got 6 credites i guess.. we went to take our result on 12 march as u all know its a school day.. so all your juniors and teachers will be around asking u "how's ur result? n bla bla bla..."
you know what. DONT HAVE TO CARE ON MY RESULT~!! i m expecting something like that and people expecting something higher from me..BAH, hack it on what people judge on me or even say on me.. i m HAPPY ON MY RESULT..thats matter..hehe.. by the way, thanks to everyone who helped me out alot on SPM especially teachers and friends.. GOD play his part too.. praying is important.. after took our result, went to coffee island and had our lunch.. I was fetching yung wei, cer yinn,crystal and Ryan while Jun Heong fetch danny, keat tatt, kitt mun and li ji.. ok.. as u can see its 10 of us..haha..
Jun heong parked his car in gurney and walked to coffee island under hot sun.. well, q a distance from gurney to coffee island.. o yeah, we went there cos Ryan used to work there as part time.. check out--->>

lol...look at our drinks~!! colourful..*dies*

Ryan introducing others on food..haha

Danny look for menu..after he try my tom yam soup he could not stop STEALING MY SOUP~!!! ARGHHHHH...

my set lunch.. tom yam soup with rice..haha..*tumb up*

yung's coke.. i always scold her cos she whenever she order drinks she will order coke..haixx budak ni..

so after lunch, we went back to gurney.. guess wat?? now i know my car can fit in 10PEOPLE~!!! i was like WAT THE TUUUUUUU.... damn... haha... too bad i dint take any pic..haha.. cer yinn and crystal sat in front passenger seat.. then ALL THE BOYS and yung wei squeeze themselves behind..yung sat in the middle in front..which is like beside me..haha... ok i m the DRIVER and ITS SO DAMN DANGEROUS.. everyone was like praying make sure there is no police..haha.. i could not even see behind view luckily i manage to drive all of them safely back to gurney.. i droped all of them at the main entrance gurney..everyone was like looking at us cos there were like so many of us inside a crappy old car..haha..
then i went to find a parking and met all of them in arcade.. we spend most of our time in arcade til 6pm..ok,the best part was we asked Jun heong to dance that me and cer yinn usually play..u know the hand were some pictures on him dancing...too bad the video its not wif me..haixx..

argh...not clear..

i guess..a better one..haha..LOL~!! he got the most "As" among all of us..LOL.. so we expect the "nerd" one to DANCE..haha

of course..he got lots of supporters back there..haha..

then i went home and took my bath and head to Queensbay for movie with yung,crystal,cer yinn and Ryan..haha...GOSH~!! i forget wat we watched.. DAMN.. after movie, i took everyone home..yeah..thats my day..haha..
i had a great time with my friends..hmm.. my result doesnt destroy my mood..LOL~!!!
another blog is up...stay tune..

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