Monday, March 30, 2009

CoNgRaTes to mY bELovEd gOdmoM,cIk.fuz

CONGRATULATION to my beloved god mom,cik.furz
*clap hands*
sob sob^^ so proud of u..
yeap..she just finished her MASTER in USM

sorry for the late was suppose to be last week.. last Wednesday, i took my day off to go for my god mom convocation.. we were abit late cos was rushing buying flowers and stuff.. we bought 2 bouquet.. 1 with a small teddy bear and one with 8 or 12 of real flowers..haha.. she told us to reach there around 12.45 but we end up reach there around 1pm..LOL~!! i went there and took the small bouquet of 1 teddy for her and told her we got no money to buy..then she goes on like *'s ok* then yung wei, come form my behind and surprised her with a big bouquet of real flowers.haha... hmm..we were suppose to go for lunch but end up she need to go somewhere for lunch with her brother's were some pictures..

talking... all the can actually see the small teddy over there..

haha...*smile* me

group picture!!!

guess thats all for now..
gtg for lunch..

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