Sunday, March 15, 2009

RoVerS oWL C cAmpfiRe..

yesterday was Rovers Owl C campfire night..i m not active anymore but yet i still go for fun.. i became the 1st aider..yeah, my fav post..haha.. got few patients that night.. few situations like a girl was nose bleeding non-stop, one girl sprain her leg, few people fainted and a guy got small cut on his leg.. this year campfire not as LIVELY compare to last 2 years but still everything go on successfully..haha..
new badge organize the campfire..everything went on very well and its fun.. hmm.. i did not join the free dance cos was busy patrolling around.. yung and cer was with me then later, kuan kooi accompany me around.. we had a great time talking and knowing each other.. nothing much bout campfire..just got to meet old friends and had some time with them..currently not much pic..

the stage decoration..

at night..sorry did not took whole pic of it..

me and kuan kooi..

long lost friends..haha.. meet them in pekbori back in 3years.. from left sinchan(short one), chris(noisy one),me and jun xiang( my dee dee)..

saw this old buddy in mcd when we had supper.. its me and patrick chai.. we been friends for 8YEARS~!! LOL.. he is my senior..

i guess thats all for now..3 post in a row..thats tiring.. hmm.. i been not on9 since thursday and i guess all the post will explain wat i been up to.. hmm...see ya for now folks..

see ya..
stay tune reader...

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