Sunday, March 15, 2009

My FrIdAy iN pUb...

hmmm..woke up around 12++ and get ready to fetch cer yinn,yung and keat tatt to Pisa.. got this battle of the cheff thinging.. we thought we could find lots of food everywhere..end up lots of products instead of food..haha.. well, we walked around and i will jus go forward to take anything which is free from every stalls..yeah, i received lots of gift..haha.. we even bought fried chicken,fries, drinks and ais-cream.. after some time,keat tatt suggest we get some heavy meal for our lunch.. so we went to visit Jun Heong.. he work in a pub which his dad and his dad's friends own..LOL~!!...
we reached there around 2++ Jun Heong told us the cheff went out to pisa..haha.. so we end up spend most of our time in the pub playing.. we play pool,photo hunt and darts..haha.. we r soo damn addicted and we stay there for few hours for the cheff to come back.. we did not complain anything instead we have lots of fun play this and that non stop..haha.. we had our lunch around 5++ well,guess its call tea time instead..haha.. we went off around 8pm..LOL~!! half day in the pub yet still we dont wan go off yet but we have other the pics>>>>

Jun Heong teaching Yung Wei..haha..

lol..cer and kt playing photo hunt..

the stage..with music instrument..LOL

the bar tender side..

lol... cool huh.. drawing everywhere..with pictures..

yung and cer playing darts

look at them..NOT ACCURATE..

lol..i look so damn bored..haha..

my set lunch...lamb chop..

kt's meal..err..not sure wat its call again but yet its NICE~!!

group pic..hehe..with my gf.. me,yung and carinn

me and ah tatt

lol..Jun Heong on the other hand try to be cool..haha

he is on the MOVE..

+last pic of me+

then we head to Penang bowl for right?? haha.. we played only 2 games cos Jun Heong rushed to go I send everyone home since my mom called me up to asked me to get home ASAP~!! lol.. 2 post in a row..WOW~!! haha..

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