Friday, July 31, 2009

oUtInG WiTh SeNiOrS

As usual i promise to blog something or even keep my blog update. ok. Now i m gonna blog bout my day and outing last Wednesday. As usual i m working on Wednesday and i was suppose to work afternoon sift but due to my dance class i change shift with my colleague. I was online whole day during my work and i came across thaddeus profile so just drop by and say hi to him since i saw him in Queensbay the other day. Surprisingly he reply me very fast and he told me he is going off this coming Friday. He was asking if we could hang out or something before he go off. I was thinking if we can met up that night after my dance class.He said he will be going out with Ivan in the evening then at night meet us for dinner.

Basicly i m the one who plan this outing, so i called up yin yee cos we went to dance class together then i message samuel, elsie and luke through facebook but seem like samuel is the only one can make it. I set the time and place so we meet up that night. Too bad Luke and elsie could not make it and i totally forget bout Amos(dude, sorry!! will call u up next time la.k). Well, you guys can see the facebook. All of us is commenting at each other wall..LOL!

hmm.. i kinder screw up my dance class cos i was not performing very well. Even i tried my best i still way behind. Seriously, i need to work much harder now and exam is around the coner. ARGH!!! any way i really had a great time with them. All of us got our own stories to share and things to talk. Yeah, we were the LOUDEST OF ALL!! what u expect.. hamid khanz...LOL!!! o yeah, Congrates on Thad! he is engaged.. sob sob T.T my baby boy grow up so we spend few hours talking at o-town. I went home around 12am.. was an awesome day and Thank God for everything. Praise LORD!!! pictures...

i had this curry chicken with toast.. was nice!! although i wan to drink white coffee so much but i scared cant sleep at night so did not order that..

me and thaddeus.. congrates him on his engagement.. wow!! u r the man! haha.. he is one of my polite senior back in high school.. even if i did something wrong during duty he will jus advice me instead of scolding hell out of me..LOL!

me and ivan.. we get close cos we both were in CF back in high school..

me and samuel.. LOL! i m not going to say anything bout him over here if not he is going to screw me up!! i already embarrassed him during our outing.. for the sake of asking favor form him i keep my mouth shut on saying him again..hahahahah.. seriously i dont have bad impression on u but its a good memory thou.. and again i got close with him cos of CF back in high school..

me and yin yee.. both of us were sweating after dance..i dont feel really comfortable cos was dirty..get what i mean right..LOL! but after a while i m fine with

i like this pic..both of them damn damn sweet..its ivan and thad..

group picture.. from left thaddeus,me, yin yee, samuel and ivan.. thanks for coming.. i had a great time with u guys and it was awesome!!!

guess what??today is 31st!!!!
means its BASKIN ROBIN!!!
but then sob sob** T.T
no one accompany me for ais-cream
i thought of planning to go out with my bible tuition friend too bad
kath is busy..damn**
plan was cancel now i dont have much plan
Believe God will always have a better plan for me!!
now my gf came to my work place and invited me for dinner..
yeah gonna be awesome!!
will be another reunion and dinner tonight with my gf!!
hopefully i got something to blog la...
will keep it update as long my connection is good and my hp is my by side..LOL!
stay tune for more^^ PROMISE..hehe
I LOVE JESUS!!! he is mine =p

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