Friday, July 17, 2009

My pAnDa eYe AinT lOok GoOd*siGn

this post was suppose to be yesterday.. is last 2 days since is after 12am..haha.. last wednesday me and kt went for supper nearby gurney drive.. was hunting for good food but was too late.. end up in mcd.. we saw alex and he giv us a very weird look.. yeah** thinking very far cos its just me and then went to strike 2 to find vincent... as usual, we will always find him whenever we go gurney..haha.. he is going of to KL soon..sad* guess what?? this is the 1st time in my life overnight at cc!! damn* seriously i did not play game.. i only chat with them and online..

i spend most of my time talking with them whole night til 6am then start to around 7am i was complaining i m hungry cos i did not ate dinner the other night.. i dont feel so well also.. we plan to meet up at bali bali for dim sum after we went home and took our bath.. end up did not open so we had hawker food.. vincent did not turn up *sign.. he got something up and due to my work i go off around 10am... i feel awake its just my whole body is tired..haha

vincent bought lunch for me since he did not turn up in the morning..haha.. i went to b-club(another shop) to find my friend.. need to fax something for company.. then end up me and jiun yee trying clothes and hats in the shop..LOL..

me and jiun yee chamworing..hehe.. i like her compare to any friend i made over my working place..

i finished work around 6.30pm cos need to go for dance practise.. after i reached there, i realize the class was cancel.. hais.. went to queensbay again.. after i park my car, took a nap.. damn tired that time and i would have fainted..LOL.. meet up fuz to watch harry potter.. guess u guys thinking i still have so much energy doing so many things..haha.. yeah, i was too tired.. i told fuz i did not sleep last night and she say i will dozed off during the movie end up she is sleeping instead of me!! hahaha..

not that nice.. not much wonder cinema not much people!!

anyway thats all
2nd blog is working now..

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