Monday, June 15, 2009


This post basiclly on what i been up to lately.. i have quit my job last sunday..
i think i shall giv u reasons why i quit my job..
1. i went for vacation on my double pay!!!! got so mad**
2. need to scarifie for dance performance and dance exam
3. tired of my manager
4. my life would be meaningless and bored
hmm..i think thats the reasons...

went to damai laut on saturday and sunday..after that went to cameron highland the following wednesday and thursday.. will update bout the cameron trip.. yeah,i prefer update post with craps would have make u dozed off.. i m bored at home everyday!!! my schedule is like every saturday very busy with dance.. wednesday and thursday night got practise too..

i m looking for part time job.. wanted to work from monday til friday only.. looking forward to get busy like doing some charity every week or anything la.. RATHER than sleep at home everyday..hahaha..LOL!!! anyway if anyone got something on and need some help or a companion i would love to join or get in..haha... but only around 2months..

*will update soon

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