Sunday, May 24, 2009

3D mOvIe^^ MoNstErs Vs ALiEnS

the 1st 3D movie in PENANG!!! i think**
THE ONLY LUCKY ONE!!! *muahahahaha*

*feels proud* lol..well its the 1st experience right so i m HAPPY!!! yeah i know u song will be thinking i m bored with those 3D and its like centuries ago.. I KNOW!!! KL HAVE EVERYTHING!! =p i LOVE PENANG EVEN IS ABIT SLOW...haha.. i always wanted to watch 3D movie and back in KL trip few months ago.. my bf wanted to bring me for 3D movie but got no time and dont have much movies..*BORED*

o well..guess what, last Friday i went for a movie with crystal.. hmm.. we wanted to watch in Queensbay but there were no seat.. hmm.. after my work, called her.. next thing.. we both went to gurney and last minutes thinking "gosh, what to watch??"
Ladie : we have angels and demons 11++ and bla bla bla.. WE HAVE ALIEN VS MONSTERS
3D!!! 1st time in PENANG and the only day and only movie...
Crystal : *look at me with her goodie eyes* PLEASEEEEE
Me : OH...FINE!!!!

anyway here were some pictures..*damn HP SPOIL AGAIN* camera doesnt WORK!!

taaa daaa.. 3D movie in GURNEY!!!! TOLD CYA!!!!

poster UP! Monsters Vs Aliens

ticket to go in..WOO HOO 3D MAN!!!

cool huh... it will look good on ME!!! =p

yup 3D...handle with CARE!!

instrutions..bla bla bla... i WOULD STEAL IT!

ticket masuk.. *OK*

well, no food and drinks are not call MOVIE!! FINE! here is the truth.. i did not TOOK MY DINNER!! =p

yup..look good on me!! hahaha.. *think face as usual* lol.. i m kinder in a mess.. cause in a rush to take picture before the lights went off..

hmm..well..nothing special but i could actually see the differences and effect.. its kinder cool but not much effect thou.. it something very advance that i experience before..haha.. so total is *COOL* +tumbs up+ for the 1st time! haha.. joe,its ok you did not take me for those 3D movie back in KL.. i understand.. gtg now.. off to bed.. o yeah..i saw few of my seniors today during working.. what you expect?? Queensbay *public malls* haha..

P.S. hp camera SPOIL!!! kena ticket saman!!! damn** how much m i going to spend this dog's medical fees..*sob sob* pocket got HOLE d.. choau....

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