Sunday, May 3, 2009

SuNdaY Off..^^

ARGH!! again Sunday*
rot at home again n again n again..
cos usually Sunday everyone went out!
the girl in the house only wakes up after 12pm!! LOL!!
so end up..
*scretch my head*
-damn no one at home again..all OUT!!!

hmm...well, i guess today is my last day of holiday before i start my new job. hmm.. earlier the manager called me to start work on Monday instead of Tuesday.. *BAH* 1 day left to enjoy... called crystal out to catch up some movies.. off my house around 7.30pm pick crystal and off to gurney.. guess what?? she bought me some cookies that she baked.. *yum yum.. wow!!! it really TASTE GOOD!!! and its a start shape..LOL!!!

finish the 4cookies in 10min..
crystal: WTH! finish???
me : WHAT!!! its just taste so good *finger licking
crystal : fine.. i bring more nex time..
LOL!!!! haha....

off to hawker food nearby.. ate chicken skin *tumbs up...(whoever dont like dont giv me that FACE!!!!) fries and fried oyster..DAMN! *its so expensive...ARGH!!! rushing cos got around 30min til the show starts..we watched X-Men..heard was nice and yeah..its good thou...

o yeah..the guy with sword is HAWT.. least i find something *interesting* in the movie..LOL!!!

after movie, went to play some games in arcade.. went home..OMG!!! force myself to eat a HUGE CRAB!!! damn..I HATE IT (well,honestly).. seriously, i feel like wormitting now but i cant!! my dad caught for me..*damn* TIME FOR BED!!! tomorow is a big day..

new work

new job

new life

new uniform

new friend

new place

new food (lol..never forget)



Danes Ooi said...

lol... wish u good luck then... start all over again... good experience olso... haha.. enjoy it...

sook koon said...^^