Thursday, May 21, 2009

dAy WitH bOsS oNLy!!!

11.34am message from my supervisor : hey baby, sorry!!! VERY VERY SORRY!!! i wont be coming to work today.. i got diarrhea..sam will be replacing me.. u will be working ONLY with him today..VERY SORRY !!!

11.54am replied by sk : its ok.. i think i m fine with him.. you take your rest..k.(NUUUUUU!!!!! I CANT SURVIVE.. CRYING FOR HELP.......)

oh great.. yeah..wonder why?? my supervisor dint not came for work and one of the waiter off day so my boss need to work to replace my supervisor.. i was like WTF!! me and boss only??? GOSH!! this is not going to be good.. hmm.. end up i beh syok him for some thing.. hais.. any way i promised my friend(one of the cheff) to post this for him.. hmm.. he went to this course in the morning on some cooking thing.. so when he get back work in the evening, he tried to make something which he learn over there..everything is about he end up saying " buat potato sendiri pun potato " LMAO!!!!! is a picture!!

this was the 1st dish.. hmm.. the brown thing above is a potato.. actually he blended a chicken,squid and fish with it..then he made it into a round shape and covered with bread flour ( i think ).. after that, he stuff the french fries into it..LOL! i was thinking it doesnt LOOK NICE!!! i was suggesting him to put ais-cream stick instead but then he said french fries was the title of it and its his wife's favourite food.. i was like..OHH..OK!! and i actually gave it a name for the dish.. its called "fries of lovers story" .. weird but he likes it..hahaha..just for the fun of it... goes the 2nd dish..yeah.. i know..this looks better right?? but honestly the 1st dish taste better than the 2nd 1.. both r nice but i love the 1st 1..hehe.. ok.. i m not really sure on how the progress works on the 2nd dish.. what i know is.. he slide a big potato and boil it til its soft then he smash it and mix with some flour.. yeah its something like process of making smash potato.. later, he make the whole thing into a round shape and put something inside.. i think its a meat.. i m not so sure of that cos i dint saw what he actually put.. then he cover the whole thing up and put it into a bowl of water so that he wash off all the flour around..then he put the bread flour or that thing which i m not sure how it calls.. finally he fried it.. WA LAAAAA... the food is ready.. *tumbs UP* GOOODDDDDD!!!! =D lets BRAVO for cheff Alex..hehe

of course it comes with a drink!! LOL.. yeah.. someone bought 100plus and everyone is sharing.. I GOT MINE TOO^^ hehe***

pic of my day** looks weird but i like it..haha.. DONT SAY I LOOK LIKE A 10years old KID!!! ARGH!! GONNA BITE U OFF..

P.S. my lips keep bleeding.. i did not drink much water and my lips break.. now.. looks like a cut on my lips.. kinder obvious** damn..IT HURT!! help me pls... hopefully to be back..^^ bye

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