Thursday, May 7, 2009

eLLiOt's nEw ALbuM

Elliot Yamin's new album (Fight For Love) is OUT NOW!!!

actually was on store on 5th of may!! hais.. too bad i dont get to buy any..*pocket got hole* Anyway here is the official video of Fight for love.. hmm.. wasnt that good but still he is doing very well.. *proud of u*

I M A FAN OF ELLIOT!!! haha...

a pic of him^^ in case u dont know him** hehe

+his new album+

*do comment*

i just talked to ah song on phone.. he sound so moody.. 1st thing from him is "YOUR VOICE SO CUTE" Damn!! i thought i remember someone tell me that my voice are marture now compare to last time!! NOW!! see whats happen.. *make me feel like i m a little girl* =p talked to him for few min at least could make him laugh and smile.. *lol* sang him twinkle little star song..LOL!!!!! he was like saying "ur cute voice singing twinkle little star song..HAHAHAHA" *fine... well, for the sake of making someone feel better when he is moody yeah why not make him feel better right?? haha.. hopefully could make him feel better la..

2am now..
work time = 12.30am
wake up = 11.45am
get ready = 10min
time to reach = 10min
balik kampung = 9.30pm
gtg *nite nite folks

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