Monday, May 11, 2009

kT & jOrDan bIrthday!

this blog was suppose to be yesterday but due to some this constrution thing on blogspot i were not able to post anything..well, 1st of all wanted to wish Keat tatt and jordan happy b'lated birthday.. LOL!!! last saturday after my work, i m and suppose to hang out with others for yam cha.. thought wanted to go batu ferringgi but most of them could not make it cos its too far and its late d.. so end up all at kayu beside vistana hotel (usual place).. took my bath then head to kayu around 11.30 end up all dont wan go except crystal and keat tatt.. well, 2 of them better than non..LOL! on our way to kayu, kt's bro called him and wished him happy birthday.. me and crystal was like looking at each other and forgotten his birthday!! LOL!.. sorry dude!! well, we wished him after that.. we had our supper over there.. hmm... after our makan, we went to find some mini market which sells small candle so we could use the candle and put on top of the ais-cream and start to sing birthday song.. too bad.. could not find any.. hmm.. then we called jordan up and wish him to and thought of hang out with him but all kopitiam at gurney drive all close d.. so we end up at crystal's house.. we prepared something for kt..

taaa daaaa.. sorry ya tatt!! we dont know how to do d.. its a small piece of cake surrounded with cookies that crystal made and chocolates..haha.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

the botak head with his *special birthday cake* +smile all the way+

make wish..

forcing him to eat all eventhough he is full..haha

lol..why is yoshi looking at him.. *nope not for u,yoshi*

then we play tv.. end up ZZZZZZZZZZ hahaha.. kt say he is going for jogging later with his friends around 6.30am.. left an hour to sleep.. 6.30am crystal woke me and kt.. guess what 3 of us did?? HEAD TO THE BED!!! hahahahaha... 3 of us blur blur walking up to the stairs.. terus sleep** SNOR+++++++

woke up around 10.30 then get ready go home.. both of them follow me.. i went home and change and took a quick bath..reach qbm ngam ngam in time to start work.. but i curi come out and had breakfast with friends..LOL!!! then work for 9 torturing hours!! i bought a cake too cos i thought wanted to join kt's outing after my work..

back home around 10.30.. by the time call him was too late.. but i dont know how we end up in pub at e-gate..haha.. my mom warn me that i m not allow to go and i actually sneek out..over night at crystal's house also i did not tell my mom.. if she finds out she is gonna kill me..LOL!.. hmm.. there were around 7 of us.. kt,jordan(both birthday boys), jun heong, li ji, kitt mun, me and crystal.. talk crap and play poker over there.. some of us had beer and others with some blended drinks..not to forget, we celebrate kt and jordan birthday with the cake i bought for them..

nice moon thou...

the birthday cake..hehe.. both of u should thank me!!!

lights on..*singing*

lol..real cake with LONG WISH!! hahaha

jordan and kt cutting the cake..

something i share with jordan...hmm.. not consider share cos he took 1 bottle and i took

lol..kitt mun with him peace sign..haha

boys playing poker..

me and crystal..haha

crystal's ais-cream

me and jordan

me and kt..

we went home around happy birthday to both of u guys.. guess what?? both of them not only same birthday but same class, same badge to go NS and same NS place!! lol.. eh,kt u memang ada jodoh with jordan la..hahahahah!!!! opps**

P.S i m curing my boss now!! q mo and SHORTY!!! wan hear more?? ask me..LOL!.. haha.. dont know why.. i jus hate HIM!! anyway see ya..bye

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