Thursday, January 19, 2012

Decent Thursday


HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! =) I m so excited for this upcoming new year maybe cos of the 1week holiday :p Who doesnt love HOLIDAYS! Friday I got no class so I m officially off for holidays! Whole day in class did nothing! Morning went to class, on computer, start to chat/fb, watch video,
talk, play,eat!! hahaha! yes holiday MOOD! well I did some homework thou... =p
Anyway heard bout government giving money to students? Basically whole Malaysia all students got money from government..all those primary and secondary got cash! while college got cash voucher =( I think the voucher could be use all book stores. To collect our voucher, we spend half of our class to line up in the hall and collect then pictures....

Everyone lining up to take their voucher

Prepare to take picture! XD
the cash voucher! RM200 perperson
Scary big eyes!
Got nothing better to do! 
Dont ask! just..... see!
Chai Ying trying to wrap her jacket around her head!
Went to dinner with my close friend, Anne. Plan long time ago but dont have the chance to meet up. At
last we have time on our own. Went to fullhouse in time square to have dinner. We had our great time catching up. Its been a while since we both see each other. Check out..
Welcome to Fullhouse
Beautiful chandelier 
Fountain in the middle

Seabass fish was ok.
Soft shell crab.. not nice =(
cheese cake with 3flavour but no different expect the topping which is just a layer of it.. 

Passion fruit which taste like orange
Lavender tea

Boutique shop above the restaurant. 
They even have barber shop beside the boutique shop! sign! =.= its this a restaurant or what?

hmm.. accessories shop.. which sells everything?...
Picture of the day.. Me and Anne 
Night at Fullhouse =)

Anyway... I m gonna upload a video of Bernard doing something stupid in the class today! haha...check out

see u soon for more! i m off for chinese new year =) bye people!


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