Sunday, January 29, 2012


hey reader,

Yeap! I've been busy "gathering" throughtout my chinese new year! so did you guys had a great time? Seriously I never expect myself going out every single day with differents! I dont even have time for myself where I can actually sit at home and just not think of anything! but its was a great fun to see old buddies! went to club few times and drank lots of beer til I got rashes! and it was really BAD! I could not even resist not to scratch! Its painful and its looks.... UGLY! ;*( took awhile to heal and yes no alcohol for me for another one month! haha..!

Basically many things happen through out the chinese new year! Brother got into accident, I got caught by police cos I play fireworks! Its em brassing! but yes! duit kopi then... Got myself very very sick! cough non stop and caught cold at the same time i have rashes so actually my body is hot. Not feeling so good this days and been out almost every night til very very late!.. woo hoo.. party! best part club with my own high school classmates! force most of them to go in which some of them havent been to club.. able to make one of them drunk! sorry been too busy party and having great time so I dont have any photos. see u some other time thou..

God bless!

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Anonymous said...

Take care... dun drink so much... ur watch is coming soon... hehe