Thursday, January 5, 2012

Casio Watch

Hi reader,

I m back with something! yes! Casio watch! I been a casio watch fan for a long time. I had one and I wore it for many years until I got into accident and it cost alot just to replace the chain so the sales girl suggested me to get a new one. From there I never wear any watch =( well I do sometimes but it wont last me for a long time. I was thinking of getting a nice watch for myself on my birthday. 4months to go til my birthday but I m too excited to get myself a watch! haha.. all those watches cost big amount of money so I m still deciding. Any suggestion?
SWAROSKI ELEMNTS! Definitely one of the most expensive one
SWAROSKI ELEMENTS TOO! cheaper. Looks more simple

Generous use of rhinestones for an elegantly gorgeous designs 

Simple and cheap =) 

Thats all for now. Comment would be much appreciate =) loves! 
God Bless


Anonymous said...

Nice watch , perhaps will cost little more... but remember you pay for the quality!!

franks speaking, i wasn't the fans of casio, so cant give much comment on it... perhaps, you can take a look for other brand like "tissot" * my favour brand* hahaha..

cheers... have a nice day

Koei Babyangel said...

hey thanks =) appreciate that!

hmm..its ok.. I like metal chain watch thats why I look for casio brand. I like tissot too but its way too expensive. Its above 1thousand. I was thinking to get a watch that can wear everywhere and last me for many years. =) I m still considering.. I like the first one but its out of my budget which cost 600++

anyway thanks. have a nice ahead too..

Jasson C. said...
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