Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wayn Farewell

Back... =)

Today Wayn will be leaving! Before went to airport, had our dinner at Raja Uda! we had Tom yam! not bad.. very nice.. Anyway my car got puncit again =( Thanks to the MAN!, Jason! help me out to change tayar.. After dinner, head off to airport. Kinder in a rush! so was speeding all the way from penang bridge. Reached there, talked for a while and took some pictures and he left.. Kinder sad sending him off.. Well wish him all the best in his studies and life over there =) Gonna miss him too.. Pictures is up!

Wayn with his evil face =p

Wayn with the girls. =)

The guys.. gonna miss one person out from our gang ;(

Last Group picture. We even had our 1st group huggggg.. awwww ;)

I just realize recently everyone is using the same word to reply me! gosh! I was on phone with Sue the other day asking where is she and she said " I m in your heart". Yesterday called Ah bee and he said the same too.. Then again got few people replied me the same word on the text message when I start to ask where are they.. Seriously?? thats all for now! back to work... I got my Progress report! which means I need to work double! dammit.. too dooossss

God bless

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