Monday, February 13, 2012



So Valentine's day is tomorrow? How's your plan going or do you have a date? Well, however it gonna be as in celebrating alone or with your love one it wont hurt that bad going out with friends too =) My actual plan was going out with a girl for a dinner been planning for last few days but dont think it work cos most of the hotel's valentine dinner had been fully booked. Its ok thou. Well, somehow I got an idea on valentine. guess what? I went to buy DVD. thought of buying "valentine day" movie! I think its last year or last 2 years movie.. Somehow I couldnt find it and the person told me its out of stock so I decided to choose others. Decided to watch "Dear John". I was telling that person what I want so here it goes.
Me : I want the movie "dear john"
*person turn over and said. "Oh! sorry, John today offday."
Somehow its was so hilarious till I laugh out loud. Somehow I bought few DVD. The person was asking me next time drop by ask for John. haha... Well, they gave me 3 free DVD! =) Very nice of them. Anyway curiosity kills me! Decided to watch "Dear John".
Love story. Really reminds me of the person I loved and the movie do portrait both of us in our long distance relationship. Its really painful and heartache to watch. Maybe I m in the same situation. Anyway yeah, would recommended you all to watch too. Touching love story.

 Here is one of the song. Have a great Valentine's day!
 Wishing you all had a good time to those single and couples!
I missed mine. *flower*

Valentine's Love =)
God Bless

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