Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Farewell Wayn & Birthday Sue

Ahhh.... I m so in holiday mood now! Gosh! No school since Friday til Tuesday. Now back to school, I'm so lazy but no more holidays for me any more until after exam! Anyway Yesterday we had our gathering. Our "Cheers & Beers Gang". Wayn created that gang name since last 2 years cos we will always drink and get drunk whenever we had a party. As one of our member from our gang, Wayn gonna leave us very soon to further his studies in Australia so we had our gathering once again before he left. Planned since last month and we were so scared we could not find a date to go out since our assessment week will be in a month time. Finally we had our dinner and beer =)

As yesterday, we went to Yaki Teppan nearby Queensbay to have our dinner. Had japanese food as I suggested.hehe..*stare at me* Finished dinner off the Queensbay to walk around and hunt for beer. Actually we dont have a proper planed cos most of us were undecided! Seriously, at 1st thought wanted to do bbq/steamboat at Wayn house end up its too rush for him. Most of us suggested lots of place somehow we could not decided where to go. After dinner, we thought of going to Wayn house to drink since we plan to get him drunk and we dont want him to drive. End up we went to Stick. lolxx....

Order tower & bucket of beers! Best part was playing games. Wayn prepared poker card and sticky note with a marker for us to play game! Wooo... End up we played guessing. Write animal/artist/person on the sticky note then stick on the next person then take turns to ask question to give clue. Whoever asking for clue need to drink a cup of beer or whoever loose to guess. Sound childish but somehow we had lots of fun, guessing and playing around. As clock stricked 12am then its Sue birthday! Of course we come with birthday cake to celebrate with wayn before he left. Anyway check out =)

Most of us order set.. comes with miso soup,salad and dumpling

Butter rice

Had Grilled Salmon 

Terayaki Chicken With Prawn

I think its grilled fish which chicken

Scallop with Prawn... 

Our Supermodel of the day! Jason with Sue's bag..hehe..


Here we go the game - Darren writting for the next person while he got his own one hanging on his clothes--- Snake

Tough than I thought! Luckily I m able to guess =p

Jason with his smiley face thinking what's written on the sticky note


With Farewell boy- Wayn! Gonna miss you soon =)

Not to forget with birthday girl - Sue =)

Making face 

Both of them =)

Ms. Sue wif Darren

The girls =*

Farewell to Wayn & Happy Birthday to Sue
"Cheers & Beers Gang!"

Make a wish -- Blow

Cut Cut... Makan

Last group picture of the gang =) Gonna miss Wayn!

Wednesday, we had our dinner again for Sue's birthday with our classmates at little cottage 2. Oops.. no pictures.. After dinner, went to straits quay to have a beer at Berlin Bier House XD played pool... taught Wilson to play too.. haha.. Then meet up with Keng Liang and Vivian for curry mee! Since Vivian wanted to eat before she go back. Hang out till close shop *.* Thats all for now.. Will update if any events =) see yea people!

God Bless

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