Monday, February 20, 2012

Decent Dinner

Oops.. Did I just lie or get even lazy to get back to my work. Instead of doing homework I m here typing and updating? haha.. I m just wanna get a break! chill. Yesterday went for a dinner at a new building beside Island plaza. I think its call Precintlo. If I'm not mistaken. The plan was going for dinner at Sushi Zento. Went there around 8.30pm and its full house! We were on the waiting list. Decided to walk around. Bump into Bernard and his gf. Had a little chat then we off to straits quay for dinner cos we both were to hungry to wait. The host was really nice.

Off to Straits quay.. Had dinner.. then walked around.. its been a while since we had our long "deep" conversation! Yeah I know! I see her everyday in college but seriously we dont talked that much unless we got something to share. =) I m so glad sharing with her and get to know her more recently then I realize we did not hang out that much for the past one year. Guess after end of semester its "girls' outing time". Then we off to Mcd to do some discussion. Anyway pictures were up!

Blue Reef Restaurant.. my 2nd time =)

Salmon Salad.. the salmon too small piece.

Gilled fish.. fish nicely done =)

Traditional made fish.. Not sure what it call thou.. the sauce taste like smashed potato gravy.  was ok..

Sue and me... Its our Valentine dinner too.. been going up n down lately so we having a  nice dinner to relax. 

Gonna update another one =) which is on Valentine too! guess this year Valentine I had lots of activities and dinner with my girls. *heart*

God bless

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