Tuesday, January 5, 2010

AvATar is AwEsOME!

u heard me! AVATAR IS AWESOME! yeah heard media mentioning bout avatar everyday and wondering whats that.. hmm..so its a movie guess gonna be the best movie for decades!!! i m sure everyone heard bout and wondering whats avatar.. as u can see its science fiction film.. i think u guess know that the director of Avatar is the direction of Titanic which is James Francis Cameron. Gosh! he must have inspire lots of people out there.. hmm.. people will wonder what happen to him after he produce titanic in 1997 cos he been quite for awhile til now.. basically,he has been spending so much time on scriptwriting for avatar and waiting for this technology get advance.. wow! spend more than 10years??.. cool.. guess i cant wait til this movie call battle angel..

lolx.. dint expect myself to read the document or the articles bout the movie.. haha! i m looking forward on watching it in 3D.. cant wait la** i dont mind going for few times.. so whose wif me?? lolx..seriously dont miss out this movie! for once just be updated! o yeah.. warn u 1st..its 3hours movie** haha.. even if u got no time for movies, buy cd then! guess this might inspirer u! i jus lov how advance the animation.. WOW! here.. is leona lewis singing the theme song of avatar..

after movie, hang out wif danny,shze chen,crystal n michelle.. wanted to go sunset bistro but drizzling so decided dont wan to do.. went to have dinner..then went to explanet for a walk..end up at play ground to take pictures..lolx.. have a look..

group pic in the car...

our candid =p

dramatic screen btw danny n shze chen!

crazy biatch at playground wif danny boi...

thats all for now... damn! jus pay my saman for 240! what the!!! suppose 30 perpaper now! 70 perpaper..dammit! wow 2010 increase RM40! not even my fault on paying late.. police station was closed for a week "so call holiday" yeah! delay IT!!! then will get more expensive..shit u! gtg now! need to go for dancing.. catch up wif u soon.. lov ya!!!! xoxoxo


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