Sunday, January 10, 2010


Congrats Aaron and sharon on their wedding.. i think i promise someone on posting this blog..haha.. sorry i dont have much picture wif me.. Actually was last min called.. last few days yin yee msg me if i could join her for performance for sharon's wedding.. think think think..OK! lolx.. since i m free all the time.. yeah.. so practice only 2 nights n only one hour.. was not that hard jus abit out of timing.. haha.. overall the mistake i made very obvious! damn! cos they edited the song and dont have the chance to listen or practice all over again.. guess i went blank on stage that time.. but thank GOD nothing embarrassing..I THINKKK... hahahah.. havent see the video.. opps sorry to intro whoes the bride and the bridegroom.. i went to same dancing class with sharon.. heard aaron from ex hk..haha..

here some pic of us backstage preparing ourself.. lolx..

its me! i shud i perm my hair permanent??

darryl n me^^

darryl n yin yee

me and yin ye.. looks weird..

the girls..hehe..

our ending post.. was like LAST MIN! haha.. seriously did not plan at all.. cant think of it d.. we did not wear scarf since we dont know how to wear..lolx

group pic..not a nice one thou...from left me, yin yee, Darrly, Aaron(bridegroom), Sharon (bride), Tracy n Kai Beng ( dance instructor)

P.S i m having hard time uploading pic.. this post suppose to be 2 days ago.. even upload a pic takes me more than an hour?? problem wif blogspot or my line?? guess i did not pay my internet they slow down my speed?? but i dont have problems on other side.. hmm.. thats weird.. guess i need to cut down all the pic d.. i dont have much time waiting for it to load.. argh!

o yeah talking bout news on burning down the churches in KL.. i m not being racists over in my fb!.. some people get it wrong way! well, i m kinder angry on malay doing that to christian and wonder do they really wif God? cos if there r then did God ask them to act that way or did they just did not control themselves on their act.. God dont wan it that way and we r here not to fight over each other.. kinder stupid! lets jus pray for peace^^ not gonna further this.. Pray God will be with us and protect all of us..

i enjoy my class today! had lots of fun drawing and painting.. i m scared that i m good in it but realize there r rooms for improvement^^ hehe.. anyway thats all.. o yeah i got no class on movie day =p so u know la! hahahah...lov ya


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